A Whistlestop Tour Of The Last Few Million Years Of Arthritis!

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Little things can make a big difference to a person with arthritis. Difficulty with the little things like making a cup of tea, getting dressed or opening the front door can all add up to have a big impact on a person’s quality of life. At Arthritis Ireland we understand this. That is why we are Ireland’s only organisation working single-mindedly to transform the experience of people living with arthritis and those who care for them.

Every day, we work in communities across the country providing community based education programmes to help people effectively manage and control this devastating disease. We actively drive grassroots advocacy so that the voice of people with arthritis is heard and understood and we work with the medical community to control and cure arthritis.

If arthritis is affecting your life or the life of someone you love, call us and talk to someone who understands, someone who will listen, chat and point you towards the people, resources and programmes that can make a big difference to your life.

More Info: http://www.arthritisireland.ie/

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  1. Rebecca

    I’m actually very pleased that cannabis was mentioned at all, especially in the context of medication. Myself and many others smoke (or eat, spray, drink, or even wear weed-infused lip balm!) cannabis medically for their RA, some legally and some not, and honestly, I find it really helps! I think it’s something many people should at least give a chance when they find their pain is out of control, because we all deserve that sense of relief many find with cannabis, and it’s a shame many people are afraid of cannabis and not the many other harmful pain medicines arthritis patients often take because of certain stigmas.

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