RA Guy’s Book Club: “How To Be Sick” By Toni Bernhard

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Discussions will be posted on Monday and Thursday of each week. For the reading schedule and complete set of links, click here.

Please join us for a book club discussion that will be held here on my blog, starting the week of Monday, January 23. There will be no need to go to another page and create a specific account. Instead, once or twice a week I’ll post comments and questions, which will be related to the section of the book that being discussed. Anyone who wants to jump into the conversation, and add their own responses and/or questions, will be welcome!

This book runs just a little over two hundred pages total, so it’s not too long a read. By dividing it up, as shown below, I’m hoping to make participation in this book club discussion accessible to as many people as possible, even those with busy schedules, lots of medical appointments, and frequent flares!

Week of 1/23: How Everything Changed (Chapters 1-2)
Week of 1/30: Accepting Pain (Chapters 3-5)
Week of 2/06: Finding Joy and Love (Chapters 6-9)
Week of 2/13: Turnarounds and Transformations (Chapters 10-15)
Week of 2/20: From Isolation to Solitude (Chapters 16-18)

This will be the first time that I am reading this book myself, and I look forward to being able to share this experience with others.

Update: Toni Bernhard, author of “How To Be Sick”, will be participating in this book club!

Your author here. I’m looking forward this too and will help in any way I can. Thanks RA Guy! Oh, and people should not feel shy about saying that this or that practice doesn’t work for them. I say in the Preface that some may resonate more than others. I won’t be offended! Warmest wishes, Toni

How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers
by Toni Bernhard

This life-affirming, instructive and thoroughly inspiring book is a must-read for anyone who is—or who might one day be—sick. And it can also be the perfect gift of guidance, encouragement, and uplifting inspiration to family, friends, and loved ones struggling with the many terrifying or disheartening life changes that come so close on the heels of a diagnosis of a chronic condition or even life-threatening illness.

More Info: www.amazon.com/How-Sick-Buddhist-Inspired-Chronically-Caregivers/dp/0861716264

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Tabatha Loving-Yager

    I would love to join, but I may not be able to get the book as I literally have no income and whatever money I do have goes to my doctor appointments and my meds. But I will follow along, if that is ok.

  2. Claudia Kruger

    Would love to participate. My husband and I will be traveling from WY to AZ on or near the 23rd and 24th so I might miss the initial program but would love to jump in at the next one.

  3. Frantasm

    I just finished it two weeks ago. It’s amazing. Not only is it helpful for a myriad of reasons but it’s an easy read with brief chapters. Can’t wait to see what you all think of it!

  4. Kim

    As I am currently home on bed rest I will be looking forward to reading this book and discussing it with all of you 🙂

  5. Tunks

    My mom received this book a few months ago. Shortly after, she passed away 🙁 … I’ve kept it with me on my campus dorm, intending to read it. I’ve had RA since I was 13 going on 14yo. now is probably a great time to finally read this book

  6. Toni Bernhard

    Your author here. I’m looking forward this too and will help in any way I can. Thanks RA Guy! Oh, and people should not feel shy about saying that this or that practice doesn’t work for them. I say in the Preface that some may resonate more than others. I won’t be offended! Warmest wishes, Toni

  7. Diana

    Looking forward to being part of this. I already have the book on my Kindle, but have not read it yet.

    Amazon and FB has some books you can borrow for free. It might be worth looking into it if anyone is interested.

  8. Post
    RA Guy

    Christina, I’ll probably have a sticky post that will stay at the top of my blog during the duration of this book club, and which will have links to the individual discussion posts.

  9. kerry keys

    Can’t wait…what a fantastic idea. Tabatha, maybe worth heading to the library and seeing whether you can borrow it?

  10. Jennifer

    I have not said this for a little bit but you rock RA Guy. Another good idea………..Show Us Your Hand AND a book club, what will you think of next?

  11. Sonia Buck

    Great idea, RA Guy! @Tabatha Loving-Yager, check your local library for the book and if they do not have it, ask them to get it!

    Maybe we can do Take Me Home from the Oscars next.

  12. Michele Richard

    I am going to head to chapters and buy this. If I can join in I will. I have been hit hard with Arthritis very recently, however I have become quite disabled in a very short time. I appreciate your twitter account very much by the way. Thank you.

  13. Lene

    I really look forward to this. I’m really interested in Buddhism and Mindfulness and how they can make living with RA easier. Have had the book for a while, but not read it yet, so this is excellent motivation!

  14. Mombeenthere

    Received my book yesterday and already through chapter 4. OMG can’t believe how her symptoms paralleled mine. Some passages I have to reread several times to fully comprehend and commit to memory (brain fog).

  15. Leslie

    Ordered the book and it was delivered today. While I wish the title were How to be Well, I am interested by the idea of mindfulness as a path to a better life with a chronic illness and eager to engage in this discussion. Sounds good!

  16. Prakasha

    Great incentive to take this book off my Wish List and put it onto my Kindle. I did that today and am looking forward to the Book Club. Especially happy to see just now that Toni Bernhard will join the discussion.
    Thanks so much for doing this, dear RA Guy.

  17. Drew Girl

    Just downloaded the book. My husband suffers from Klippel Fiel and I have RA so I am excited about this. Thanks RA Guy!

  18. Valerie

    Thanks, RA Guy! Someone gave me Toni’s book about a year ago and it blew my mind. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read on how to deal with chronic illness and has helped me so much. I also gave it to a very close friend who has RA and she found it extremely helpful. In both cases, we have found really practical help from what Toni has written and it’s very thought-provoking too. It will be great to be able to discuss it with others.

  19. Cindy Crowe-Urgo

    I definitely would like to be part of this discussion. Will we be notified when the discussion begins?

  20. Post

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