Seattle Times: New Prescription Monitoring Draws Complaints

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Since October, pharmacies around the state have been sending information into a giant computer database, detailing every prescription they’ve dispensed for controlled substances. That means every pain pill and patch, every anti-anxiety medication, every sleeping pill — listed by the patient’s name.

Beginning Wednesday, pharmacists, doctors and other prescribers will be able to see all such drugs a patient is getting anywhere in the state, even if the person pays with cash.

The state’s new Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) will list all the doctors prescribing the pills and will even spit out a color-coded map showing every place the patient got drugs.

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  2. WarmSocks

    Ah, so now doctors can check compliance by seeing how often patients are filling their prescriptions. Of course filling doesn’t guarantee taking, but nobody can take what hasn’t been filled.

  3. Melissa

    Its very sad that junkies have made it harder to get pain relief for those of us that really need it. I see the need for this considering so many young adults have died from prescription pain killers. Sad but true.

  4. HayWire0831

    I live in Texas, but my doctor’s office actually asked me if I was receiving pain medication from anyone but them. They said people go around to different doctor’s offices and ask for pain pills without telling them they’re already receiving from another office. Personally, I’d rather keep a good relationship with the ONE office that will prescribe them to me than to try to ruin my name and maybe be labeled a ‘drug seeker’. Yeah, I had to fight and kick and scratch just to get them and I still have to even after proving I wasn’t abusing them and don’t even fill them once a month as prescribed. It’s the DEA crackin’ down on docs for giving out controlled substances. This is a very sore subject for me mostly because people like us can’t get what they need due to people who didn’t need it in the first place abusing it. Human nature I guess. It’s just annoying. They are extremely cautious about it though.

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