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Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Jeff Reinke




La Verne, California, United States

How long have you lived with RA?

I was diagnosed in 2008.

What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with RA?

Get your support system together as soon as possible. Get a list of questions together to ask your Doctor and don’t feel pushed out of their office. To many times early in my visits I would feel rushed then as soon as I would get to my car I remembered a question that wasn’t answered.

Do you use any mobility aids?


How has living with RA helped to improve your life?

Wow what a question, well I always get a great parking spot with my handicap Plaque. Seriously I guess I can say to slow down, I love to build projects in my garage. With my hands hurting I have to split my projects into smaller more achievable goals.

Do you have any visible signs of RA?

My fingers point in a couple different directions and swollen hands.

Can you please describe some of your favorite coping strategies for living with RA?

Laughter, Love and support of my family. And understanding that I define myself I will not let RA define me.

Can you please describe your current medical (traditional and alternative) treatments?

Plaqnil, Enbrel and I started a supplement routine in August with good results.

Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share?

I work full time in the construction industry as a sales/tech rep. I have good and bad days but thanks to my two kids and my amazing bride of 20 years I’m a survivor. Together with knowledge and support you can get through it.

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