The Press Association: Rheumatoid Arthritis Breakthrough

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A drug that “blindfolds” white blood cells could provide a new way of treating rheumatoid arthritis, new research has shown.

The drug stops the destructive cells migrating to the joints, where they cause the typical damage associated with the disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease in which elements of the immune system attack the body. White blood cells called T-cells are key players in the process.

Study leader Dr Graeme O’Boyle, from the University of Newcastle, said; “Imagine that the damaged joint is covered in flags which are signalling to the white blood cells. Traditional treatments have involved pulling down the flags one by one but what we have done is use an agent which in effect ‘blindfolds’ the white blood cells.

“Therefore, they don’t know which way to travel and so won’t add to the damage.”
The study, funded by the charity Arthritis Research UK, is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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  1. Annie Gagnon

    This sure would be something that I would love to look into, since last summer I have developed a lot RA, however, I also have Haschimoto Hypothyroidism, another immune disorder, which attacks my body, not to mention Sarcoidosis, so would this help with any of the others? I appreciate the information above, thanks, I wish all who suffer with RA the best!!!!

  2. J

    This sounds incredibly promising! Hopefully since this is happening in the UK, it won’t be bogged down by regulatory groups like the FDA and may move faster to clinical trials, etc….fingers crossed!!

  3. abcsofra

    I saw this research and was thinking this might actually be one I might consider down the road. It sounds like it might not stop the T cell from attacking “stray” cancer cells but still stop the inflammation process somehow. Got my hopes crossed on this one 🙂

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