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I’m tired of having only negative things to say when I post to RheumaBlog. After all, there are lots of positive things that happen in my life every day; it’s not all doom and gloom. But the fact is that I wake up each morning stiff as a corpse. The first hour of each day aches, literally; the dose of painkiller that I took before retiring the night before has worn off completely. The new, first-thing-in-the-morning dose takes about an hour to work. My creaky joints loosen up some. Even then, the pain isn’t gone. The drug dulls it and sends it into the background, but it’s still there, mocking me, reminding me each time I move that I have rheumatoid arthritis and its co-morbidity, trochanteric bursitis, and that the many therapeutic drugs I take to keep it under control don’t seem to work very well.

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  1. Cheryl

    Take comfort in knowing that there are others of us who experience the same things. Taking my granddaughters to the zoo is a 3 day experience one day there and 2 to recover. But we fight on. Keep a good attitude and do whatever we have to do to make life more bearable. I admire your fight keep up the good work.

  2. Jean

    I too understand what you are going thru. I wish mine was only pain but 6 months ago, whatever auto-immune disorder I have, decided to attack my lungs too. Like waking up with pain everyday and just wishing for a little vacation wasn’t enough. I also found that while the medications took a little of the edge off the pain never left. I had weaned off of all my meds since I decided that having a brain might be more fun than being a druggged out veggie. I have found that my pain is about the same as it was on all my meds. It just that I now can function even on a somewhat limited basis. Make your pain your friend, is all I can suggest. It won’t go away, it will wax and wan, but will remain constant. Above all, don’t let it win.
    Now that I am unable to breathe, any chemical or flower sets me off, I now wish all I had was pain. I guess we have to remember that we are dealt the hand we have been dealt and make the most of our lives. Keep positive. Also I enjoy your blog very much.

  3. Dee

    Something I started doing last summer, that seems to take the edge off of mornings: set my alarm for [at least] 2 hours before I HAVE TO be up. Grab the snack (usually a Planter’s Nut-trition pack) on my night stand & take my meloxicam, tramadol and flexeril (I have an undifferentiated connective tissue component that causes intercostal muscle spasms; hip-hip-horray for extra articular symptoms). Go back to sleep, wake up w/ three snoozes… To allow me time to stretch and drift in and out … It still isn’t easy, but I find it helpful. I then take the other handful of DMARDs, vitamins, supplements, etc with breakfast!

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