Journal Sentinel: When The Choice Is Health Or Hearth

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For Michelle Grosskreuz, the choice came down to her home or her health.

The moving van comes next week.

She has lost her condominium in St. Francis to mortgage foreclosure, in part because of the rising cost of the medications she takes for rheumatoid arthritis that has ravaged multiple joints in her body since she was 2 years old. She is 38 now.

Paradoxically, what she wants you to know is that she’s among the lucky ones. She has insurance that helps cover the cost of the drugs.

“There are so many others out there who have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs where these biologic medications, whether it’s for arthritis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, organ transplant, etc., take allof their extra money,” she said.

Or patients decide they cannot afford the specialty prescriptions and they go without, often leading to more health problems and costs down the road.

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  1. Deb aka abcsofra

    This is sadly a reality for many on disability and even those with jobs and little or no health insurance. I am hoping that eventually these types of meds will be forced to reduce their market price. Yes, they have to recoupe the cost research but let’s take Enbrel which has been on the market for years. They have surely recouped that investment and now what is the excuse for such high prices? Mmmmmm….perhaps profit? And this is why we can not let medical care be governed by “free markets”. It won’t work, it hasn’t worked, and it will never work so long as money is so infused into our politics here in the US. My heart breaks for her. These choices are so hard to make but we face them every single day of our lives living with chronic illness.

  2. Michelle G.

    RAGuy thank you for sharing this on your page. I truly appreciate it.
    The last few days have been filled with so much emotion and so many ups and downs for me.
    I wasn’t prepared for such hateful comments from others. My goal was simply to raise awareness for the rising costs of medications and bring attention to it. In some small way hopefully I did just that. Thank you for sharing this article with your readers and thank you for the support of your page!
    My best to you and yours. Always.

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