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In less then 48 hours, I’ll be traveling back to my home country of the U.S. for an extended three month vacation. I’ve been residing in South America for almost a decade now…and while I initially used to go to the states at least twice a year, it has now been a little over three years since my last visit…which …

Libby Schou-Kristensen

Libby Schou-Kristensen

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Photos © Libby Schou-Kristensen Name? Libby Schou-Kristensen Age? 52 Location? Mtunzini, North Coast of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa How long have you lived with RA? 32 years. What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with RA? Seek honesty and hope — I was diagnosed at age 20 and the grave way my Rheumatologist approached the disease frightened …

Show Us Your Hands! Releases Our Hands Can! Photo Book In Celebration Of Arthritis Awareness Month

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(May 7, 2012) – Show Us Your Hands! is pleased to announce the release of its Our Hands Can! photo book, the latest in a series of successful initiatives aimed at uniting the community of individuals who are living with inflammatory arthritis and increasing the public’s awareness of this group of autoimmune diseases. This photo book contains the inspiring photographs …