‘We Can Manage It’: Four Of Brian And Ranell Hanson’s Five Children Have Juvenile Arthritis

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GRAFTON, N.D. — The family of Brian and Ranell Hanson is helping the most respected researchers in the nation find a cure for juvenile arthritis.

Four of the couple’s five children have the disease. It is thought that genetics may be a factor in its cause.

Medical records and blood samples from all seven members of the family have been sent by Altru Health System in Grand Forks to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio for use in ongoing studies.

The family became involved because the children’s pediatric rheumatologist, Dr. Thomas Mason of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., “was puzzled by (the disease) popping up with all the kids,” said Ranell.

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  1. abcsofra

    I hope this study is undertaking their environmental influences as well. So much to cope with for one family. And it is kind of them to participate to hopefully help others in the future.

  2. DawnV

    Wow! Having ONE child with JA is tough enough… and while I know several families with two children with JA, I can not even begin to imagine having FOUR kids with it. It wasn’t long ago that doctors were convinced that it was NOT genetic and said there was no chance of siblings having it. Here’s hoping that the research this family provides furthers the understanding of why our children get this horrible disease.

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