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  1. Katrina

    Ahahahaha! I can so understand this right now. Feeling so poofy face and round from the prednisone. I wear nausea bands to combat the prednisone. I am still TRYING to get the shot in my knee, but the last doctor I got wasn’t very good and told me, “Well since you have pain ALL OVER, we don’t give the shot in that case.”

    …what?! I am, unfortunately, going through Government clinics since I don’t have health insurance. This means that I get doctors doing internships and volunteer hours, and always a DIFFERENT doctor. It sucks!

  2. Sallie

    That’s so funny, although sadly true. At least we have the strength to laugh. I tried two glasses of wine yesterday in preparation for the festivities and it felt like I had drank two bottles!

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