Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis: Unplanned Costs Of RA

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While sitting in the infusion clinic a few days ago receiving my first dose of Actemra (see photo), I began to wonder about the extra costs of having RA that aren’t covered by insurance or planned for in my budget. This thought came to mind as I pulled my parking ticket out of my pocket and wondered how much I was spending on parking per year. Then the thought expanded to all RA related costs that are’t included in insurance coverage and I decided to make an accounting of these costs.

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  1. Jessica White

    I know about the extras.
    I should have stock with CVS pharmacy alone.
    Please let me know how you do with the Actemra. I have my first dose on 12/07/2012. For three days, I had more energy and less pain. Then it all came back. I am told I received a half of the normal dose I will receive next month. I do hope it helps you a great deal. I am going to keep a log to watch for improvement if any
    Wishing you a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas!

  2. Andrew

    Thanks RA Guy for posting a link!

    Jessica, we’re in this Actemra experiment together! Hope it works for you. Merry Christmas

  3. monica duquin

    I have been on Actemera for a few months and so far im doing great.. Hope it works for you guys as well…:)

  4. Joe

    I was on 4mg/kg of Actemra for 2 months but then had to go up to 8mg/kg. I was having too many days with breakthrough pain as the time got closer for the next monthly dose. At the higher dose, I only get a couple of days with breakthrough pain. But I can push through and have it timed so that my not-so-good days are during the weekend.

    I hope the best for you!

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