Holly Dennett

Holly Dennett

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Photos © Holly Dennett Name? Holly Dennett Age? 22 Location? Surrey, England How long have you lived with RA? I think I had been living with RA a lot longer then I think I have, I was diagnosed when I was 18, but I simply went to the doctors for a fat joint on my little finger which I had for …

5 Tough Choices You Face When Chronically Ill Or In Pain

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“Suffering from chronic pain or illness—or, as is often the case, both—can feel like a full-time job. One reason for this is that we must constantly assess and evaluate if we’re managing our health and our relationships as skillfully as possible. This ongoing decision making makes up a major part of the workload in this full-time job—a position we certainly …

A Day In The Life Of Coping With Chronic Illness

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It’s been a rough week, but somehow I am still moving forward. Even though the list of things that aren’t working quite like I might want them to continues to grow (my hips are locking up, my eyes constantly burn, my left knee is grinding, my hands are increasingly being pulled out of shape, my thigh muscles are a mess, …