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Using The Thought Process To Your Advantage

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Yesterday I was reminded that even though my rheumatoid arthritis is in fact progressing, chances are that with the positive mindset and coping skills that I have developed over the past few years, it probably has not advanced as much as it might have otherwise done so. I really liked this perspective. Usually, when we enter the unknown or the …

What Are Your Superhero Powers?

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Based on the following list of items that have been submitted by readers of this blog, no one can doubt that we are a powerful group of superheroes! Finding peace and happiness despite the physical issues. Living with RA. Writing this blog. Ability to smile through it and enjoy the moments. Design. Living with RA all by myself. A woman …

AdelaideNow: Cyclist Jack Bobridge Reveals Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

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AUSTRALIAN cycling star Jack Bobridge has revealed he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis but is adamant it will not stall his career. The dual Olympian, 23, was diagnosed with the chronic condition in 2010 and requires weekly Methotrexate medication – also used to treat cancer patients. At its worst before treatment began, Bobridge was at times unable to open a soft-drink …

My Happy Place

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Last week, after having shared that I had been stuck in bed for a few days and just needed to get out of the room, I received the following message from Christy S. in Australia: “I’ve noticed some recent articles you’ve written talking about being stuck in bed for long periods of time and needing to escape outside when you …