I thank my RA for

I Thank My Rheumatoid Arthritis For…

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I thank my RA for allowing me to become the person I currently am.
I thank my rheumatoid arthritis for allowing me to realize that learning how to ask for help doesn’t make me weak; it makes me strong. I thank my RA for showing me that life goes on, no matter what obstacles appear in my path. I thank my RA for reminding me, on a continual basis, about the importance of eating healthy foods. I thank my RA for teaching me that, in the end, having a “career” matters very little. I thank my RA for allowing me to accept that if I can’t do something today, I am not a failure…I will just try again tomorrow. I thank my RA for providing me the opportunities to experience the beauties of rebounding from the lowest lows, and in appreciating life for everything it is (and isn’t), especially after previously having wanted to “end it all” on more than one occasion. I thank my RA for allowing me to meet so many other inspiring individual–both in person and online–who understand the importance of always looking for the silver lining no matter what happens. I thank my RA for encouraging me to continue moving, even (especially!) on those days when doing so seems like the most impossible of tasks. I thank my RA for showing me just how much warmth can be gained by sitting in the sun for a few short minutes. I thank my RA for giving me the opportunity to learn how to work through negative emotions in a way that doesn’t hurt myself or others. I thank my RA for showing me that one of the most beautiful things about support is that is often comes from where we least expect it. I thank my RA (and it’s associated reduced income and costly regular medical expenses) for encouraging me to appreciate the joys of having a non-consumerist based lifestyle; double thanks for making me more frugal than I ever thought possible. I thank my RA for teaching me that while I may not be in control of what happens to my body, I can always be in control of what is going on in my mind. I thank my RA for demonstrating that quite often the biggest steps backwards are actually huge steps forward. I thank my RA for teaching me the beauty of physical, emotional, and mental stillness. I thank my RA for showing me that stress has no place in my life. I thank my RA for allowing me to realize that prioritizing my well-being above all else is not an act of selfishness; it’s an act of survival. I thank RA for constantly reminding me that I should take nothing for granted. I thank my RA for never letting me forget that laughter is indeed the best medicine. I thank my RA for showing me the importance of focusing not on the past and not on the future, but on the present. I thank my RA for teaching me that a smile is one of the most precious gifts that a person can give or receive.

I thank my RA for allowing me to become the person I currently am.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Sally

    What do u mean about steps backwards actually being huge steps forward?? Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not moving forward after some setbacks I’ve had.

  2. cammie

    RA Guy thanks so much for your inspiring thoughts. You have put into written words so much of what I have wanted to say for so long, but just have not been able to. People don’t often understand when I tell them all the reasons I am thankful for RA. So it seems easier to just keep silent about it.. May God give you strength and energy each and everyday.

  3. Cheryl

    I thank my RA for showing me how resourceful I can be; for allowing my creativity to come to the forefront; for giving me the adaptiblility and knowledge to carry on with a smile. RA has taught me the means to morph my old life with my new and living in balance.

  4. Bahia

    So Beautiful, true, and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing as this will make a positive impact on our lives.

  5. Ali

    This is a great website, i can relate and i laughed all the “you know you have RA When..” . I admit , i am not grateful for my RA. Just not there yet.

  6. jacqueline carlin

    loved reading everything you have wrote.
    first time in years, one day last week i woke up without an ache anywhere, I felt like i won the lottery, but the next day i was brought down to earth with bang and the last 4 days my feet knees and now this morning my shoulder.
    I have never discussed online my illness but finding Arthritis guy makes me want to talk about it, thankyou,
    I use to be embarressed about my scars and funny shaped fingers, I tell my grandson i m the original bionic woman, so i thank R.A. for making my grandson think i am his superhero

  7. Anne

    Laughter indeed helps. I have been told by my doctors that my relentless positive outlook has enabled me to do better than most. I also find eating clean, and only eating meat three times a week helps. So does keeping anxiety down.

  8. Aleisha

    This is wonderful! I too have reaped some great bonus rewards from what is an otherwise horrific hand of cards. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m glad I have USpA but I am glad for the lessons it has taught me.

  9. Caroline Galloway

    I thank my arthritis for allowing me to meet so many great people who also share the thankfulness of RA

  10. Geeta

    I thank you for this inspirational message. I wish people stopped thinking we are weak when we spoke of our RA or flares but I can’t blame them either. They are ignorant of the pain we suffer daily. But god has been kind to us the strength to fight 24*7 the pain and get going. God bless all!

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