Break-Out: The Complete Lifestyle Guide For Young People With Arthritis

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Woman’s shock at arthritis at 20

As a campaign to help more than 1,000 teenage arthritis sufferers in Wales is launched, Arthritis Care volunteer Mary Cowern, 43, from Llanelli, explains what it was like to be diagnosed with the condition when she was only 20-years-old.

“It was a big shock to me. I didn’t realise that young people could get arthritis, and I think this attitude is still the same today. People in the wider community just seem to think arthritis is something that only develops when you’re a lot older.

Being told I had a life-changing condition which could lead to significant disability, well I just didn’t believe it.

At that age you think you are invincible.”

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Break out

Growing up with arthritis can be an absolute pain – literally. Breakout is a new resource written by young people with arthritis. They share their experience and tell it how it really is.

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