Things Do Get Better

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“The pain never goes away. But things DO get better.” In the years following my RA diagnosis — when I struggled just to come up for air between endless bouts of excruciating pain — I frequently heard the words above, from people who had been living with this for a long time. And I didn’t get it, no matter how …


Embracing the Pain

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

Over the past couple of months, I’ve made a concerted effort to EMBRACE the pain. (Even more so than I’ve done in the past…) And while is hasn’t been easy, it has been possible. I know what many people might be thinking — it’s *never* going to happen, RA Guy (embracing the pain, that is). I totally get that, because …

Warm Hands Warm Hearts

Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

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A few weeks ago, Amber shared her story of not being able to afford a pair of gloves due to the financial challenges of living with RA. A very kind-hearted benefactor immediately contacted us, and sent Amber a warm pair of alpaca gloves! This past weekend, Alison offered to send a pair of gloves to someone who was facing numerous …


On The Freedom That RA Has Brought Into My Life

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

I move when I can, and rest when I can’t. I rarely make any commitments before 12 noon. I start my day by soaking in a long, hot bath…followed by sweeping the hardwood floors in my house. (The sweeping is both a meditative, and physical, exercise…it helps me stretch, and warm up.) 98% of what I eat are made-at-home meals …