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Introducing The RA Guy Foundation

  When someone with rheumatoid arthritis is surrounded by people determined to live above the illness, an interesting thing happens. The person embraces this challenge. Connects more. Smiles more. Reaches for newer paths. Holds their care circle—family, friends, treatment team—tighter. Maybe even shares what they’ve learned with others taking their first steps along this journey. […]

Lorelei Nettles

Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis Photos © Lorelei Nettles Name? Lorelei Nettles Age? 55 Location? Mesa, Arizona, United States How long have you lived with RA? I was just diagnosed March 2015, but once diagnosed realized it had been longer (maybe up to a year or more before). I started the process by becoming almost completely […]

Who Am I?

Chronic illness, pain, and depression have a tendency to rewrite our personal identities, quite often against our will. Sometimes this redefining takes place on our external surfaces, where others can see: a small limp in our left leg, which is compensating for an inflamed knee, or a new cane or set of crutches. Yes, the […]

People Magazine: Megan Park: Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Made Me ‘More Empathetic’ As An Actor

By Michele Corriston Megan Park shot to stardom playing conservative cheerleader Grace Bowman on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager for six seasons. But behind the scenes, she had her own secret: She’s been living with rheumatoid arthritis for about a decade. “I had all the classic symptoms: extreme joint swelling, different […]


Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis Photos © Christy Name? Christy Age? 29 Location? Colorado, United States How long have you lived with RA? I received the diagnosis in March 2012, but I think I’d been living with the symptoms for at least a couple years before that. It’s amazing what you can ignore when there’s not […]