Picture This: Celebrating The Positive Contribution People With Rheumatic Diseases Can Make To Work

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‘Let’s Work Together’ is the theme for World Arthritis Day 2009. The aim of this project is to provide inspiring pictures of people with rheumatic diseases who have found ways to work, despite of some of the challenges they may face because of their condition.

These positive photo-stories will be used to:

Inspire other people with rheumatic diseases and encourage them to work together with employers and co-workers, as well as the health professionals who treat them, to ensure they are fit for work, able to live independently and contribute to society

Show employers and policy makers the important contribution that people with rheumatic diseases are making to the workforce and society, and to encourage them to create a more accessible work environment for people with rheumatic diseases

Photographs should show a positive image of working with a rheumatic disease, perhaps with a supportive employer, using adapted equipment, or benefitting from a new therapy or treatment. A short accompanying sentence should describe in a few words what’s special about the picture, or why work is important to the person featured.

Anyone with a rheumatic disease can enter an image in the Picture This gallery and we invite all visitors to the site to view these images.

Read More: www.worldarthritisday.org/picturethis/index.php.

Thanks to merryberry for sharing this link with me!