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“We change, whether we like it or not.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy currently finds himself surrounded by a lot of changes. Don’t worry, though – these changes are for the better!

Winter has passed, and I am now officially in Spring! (Well, if we want to be really technical I have to wait until tomorrow for that.) Not only was this past winter more severe than usual, but it was also much longer than usual. It started almost an entire month early, and ended weeks late. But the warm weather has finally arrived, and it’s wonderful. I can walk around most of the day without a sweater or sweatshirt. I can open the windows throughout the house. I don’t have to put on scarves and jackets before leaving the house.

Another big change is coming soon, as well. This past week I had my monthly visit with my rheumatologist. He agreed that I should not be experiencing flares as frequently and as severely as I am. While my daily medication (DMARD) has helped, it has not helped as much as we hoped it would. So this coming month I am transitioning over to Plaquenil. I still have a lot to research on this new drug before I decide to start it, but instead of feeling defeated with this change – as I would have felt up until only recently – I find myself cautiously optimistic. If it does not work as well as my current medicine, I can always change back…or try something else still.

I am supposed to start swimming. My rheumatologist also agreed to meet me at the neighborhood swimming pool. (I just found out that he lives in the next door neighborhood.) To be honest, I am not a big fan of swimming. I think it goes back to signing up for swimming as one of my physical education electives during my first year of college. Oh, my dislike had nothing to do with swimming itself…it had to do with the fact that I signed up for an 8am class…BEFORE I knew how cold it got in New York City! I’ll keep you all posted on if/when I decide to start swimming.

Other changes might not seem as significant, but in many ways are just as important. For years I’ve been wanting to rearrange my home office and repaint the walls. When we moved into our current house a few years ago, I paid very close attention to all of the other rooms in the house. But the home office was sort of just the leftover room – get it done quickly, so that I can start using it. I never have really been at peace with the state it is in…so I have decided that it is time to make these changes that I have been yearning for. I’m thinking a light olive color. With the mid-tones of the wood and a few red accents around the room, I think it will turn out nice.

I look forward to all of these, and many other, changes for the better.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. MissDazey

    Change is good for the soul. So are red accents colors. I’ve noticed the many of the hotels we have stayed in this past year are using red accents.

    You would never get a doctor to help you by meeting at the pool in the states. Well, not unless you were RICH. Keep us posted, I personally am glad you are trying new meds. Others didn’t seem to be working.

  2. Millicent

    Love the ideas you have for your home office! Surroundings make a HUGE difference, & since spring is a new season, it’s a wonderful time to spruce up your work area. Here’s to changes…of all kinds!

  3. Magda

    Swimming is really great! It’s my favorite athletic activity, right after biking… And doesn’t put stresses on your back and knees. It’s funny, I’ve been thinking the same thing about my home office too, it’s never really been finished 🙂 Good stuff RA Guy! I may go to the pool myself today

  4. Lindy Leigh

    I had frozen shoulder a couple of years ago and was told I needed surgery…I went swimming every morning instead and it worked itself out. I also felt so much better because it was an exercise I could do with out much pain.

  5. Seeking Solace

    I’ve been on Plaquenil for a few years. It has worked decently for me. I had flares, but not as often. The biggest thing you need to do is have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist once to twice a year. There are some rare cases of eye issues.

    Swimming is a wonderful idea. I’ve done laps or water aerobics which have helped loosen things up. The best thing is there is zero impact, which makes the joints happy.

  6. WarmSocks

    Plaquenil instead or in addition to your current DMARD? Combination therapy is normal.

    I’ve taken plaquenil for two years. You need regular eye exams, but the doses prescribed for RA are usually okay for eyes. Increased sun sensitivity is common; use sunscreen. Take with food to avoid stomach upset. Add prilosec if needed. It’s a good DMARD, imo. Best of luck.

  7. Post
    RA Guy

    I spent the morning cleaning out the outside storage room, which was an absolute mess! I need to take a few pieces of furniture out of the office in order to set it up as I’d like, so that was the first step! Next step is to move the thousands of books that line one wall of my office…

    Thanks for all the comments on swimming…I am feeling more motivated to start now!

    I will be taking both Plaquenil and Arava as I transition, and then after a month will just move forward with Plaquenil. My rheumy thinks I need to take a break from Arava for a while. Thanks for the comments on the side-effects, I’ll definitely get my eyes checked on a regular basis.

    Now off to see some college football… 🙂

  8. Mallen

    I also take plaquenil, methatrexate and arava. Lucky you starting spring, here in Canada we are starting fall. But so far it has been a beautiful mild fall. Good luck with all your “changes”!

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