Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Many Things, But It Is Never Boring!

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“Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.” -Wayne Dyer

UniqueA few weeks back, when Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy returned to the gym, he found himself speaking with a classmate before yoga class.The conversation included much of what you might expect, such as “how have you been doing?” (her to me) and “how are you liking the new yoga instructor?” (me to her).

What was out of the ordinary, at least in my opinion, was her response to my question. Maybe before I lived with RA, I would have gone along with her frame of mind without missing a beat. But on this recent day I instead found myself holding back my thoughts, and biting my tongue.

“I’m really liking the new instructor,” she said – “but it’s getting a little boring. The classes are the same every day.”

If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that living with rheumatoid arthritis is many things, but it is never boring!

Even if I do the same yoga routine every or the rest of my life , each and every episode would be as unique and non-boring as it could possibly be. Some days, it would be my left ankle that I could not put much weight on. Other days, I would have to perform the entire routine without placing any weight on my wrists, as I have done many times in the past. There would be days like yesterday, where I would not even make it to class.

By the way, my best friends came into town yesterday: cold weather and rain! My feet were so stiff in the morning that I could not get out to bed. Luckily, they eventually warmed up and I was able to make my 11:00 am physical therapy appointment.

Sometimes the uniqueness of each session would not even relate to my body and to my rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes, it would be the changing angle of the morning sun or the different birds that are singing in the nearby park that would make each class unique.

Maybe if RA had not entered my life, I would still be like my friend – bored of the beauty that constantly surrounds us, and bored of my body’s ability to move. Wren from RheumaBlog recently wrote some similar thought about the beauty of Everyday Magic.

So I found myself chuckling inwards during the conversation before class that day. Here is this lady (seemingly healthy) complaining about the fact that she finds it boring to perform the same routine every day, talking to me (who lives with RA) who was estatic about the fact that I was returning to the gym after a two month absence.

It is during times like this, when I feel very grateful for the lessons that rheumatoid arthritis continues to teach me. For the longest time I fought tooth and nail against the presence of RA in my body. I am happy that I have now reached a moment where I can, like many of my fellow RA bloggers, accept it and continue to find the bright side of living with this illness.

And, I can continue to find solace in the fact that at least my life will never be boring!

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Barbarella

    Bored with your body´s ability to move?! You have got to be kidding. I would kill to be able to move my body (before fibro and RA, I used to dance, play icehockey, skateboard and much more) – I would never find it boring! I probably took it for granted, but bored with it? Never! I guess we´re all different… 😉

    What you say about fighting tooth and nail, I guess I´m still there, half of the time, doing that. I keep telling myself not to do it because it´s negative thinking (and with our “condition” you *have* to stay positive!), but then I get so angry because I want to do things and I can´t do them. I´m an Aries, so there you go. Head through the wall and all that. 😉

    But you´re right, I also need to come to terms with “integrating” my illness(es) into my life and making them part of who I am. Like I said, I am having a hard time doing that, but it cannot happen from one day to the next, and I´m proud to say, again, like I said before, that over the years I am now half way there. Slowly does it (as everything we do, hehe).

  2. Jules

    Boy do you hit the nail on the head- life with RA will never be boring- and certainly not predictable either! I am glad you were able to get back to the gym after your long absense. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Terry

    I agree with Barbarella, preRA days I was always doing something. I never took for granted the fact that I was able to do most anything I wanted to. In 1996, a lady that I worked with was diagnosed with RA and it was devastating for me to see her barely able to move and seeing the pain in her face, even though she still smiled. I never dreamed that just a few short years later I would be diagnosed with the same thing. Life with RA boring? Never.

  4. jan telford

    I am having a hard time dealing with RA, osteoporosis arthritis in my back and back pain. I find I am bored because I sit around and don’t do what I used to. It is very hot this time of year in Florida so I stay away from outdoor activity but do enjoy the pool. I have started coloring and it helps a little bit to keep my mind clear. I would like some suggestions if any people have them. Thanks.

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