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Home For The HolidaysMy parents arrived yesterday morning, after an almost 24 hour door-to-door trip. It is great to have them here in the house with us, and their visit serves as yet another reminder that even though things don’t always turn out how we planned them, they eventually do turn out in the end.

You see, they were scheduled to spend last Christmas with us. The tickets were purchased months in advance, and their bags were packed days in advance. 48 hours before they were to depart, my father received a phone call from his cardiologist, telling him that it was critical that he go in for an angioplasty as soon as possible. (Tests showed an almost complete blockage on one of the main arteries.)

Two days later he went in for the procedure, and spent one night recovering in the hospital. Due to the fact that they had to place a stent during the procedure, air travel was ruled out for a couple of weeks. Due to the fact that I live two miles up in the sky, travel here was ruled out for months. Even though I was happy that my father was doing well, I was heartbroken that my parents were not able to spend Christmas with us.

Last year, when one of my sisters heard that my parents were coming down for the holidays, she was hoping that she might able to come as well – even though she knew that in the holiday rotation cycle with her and her husband, they were scheduled to spend it with her in-laws (which they ultimately did). When my parent’s visit was canceled in 2008, I think all of us privately started thinking that maybe we could work something out for 2009.

My sister and her husband arrive in a week. All of us will be together for two weeks, overlapping Christmas. (My parents are staying through the new year.) It would have been nice if we were together last year, but I think it will be even better that we are together this year. It has been a particularly rough year in terms of my rheumatoid arthritis, and spending the holidays with my family is just the gift that I need.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Wren

    How lovely the rest of December and the holiday will be for you and your family this year! I’m a firm believer that things happen as they do for a reason (it helps to think there’s method to the madness). Best wishes to you and yours, RA Guy!

  2. Tina

    That’s wonderful! I know that you are all excited about this holiday season, then! I’m so glad that his physician caught the blockage in time and got him all “stented”…even if it did alter your plans…your dad is here for another Christmas! 🙂

  3. Terry

    I have always loved the Christmas holidays. As a kid it was the presents, parades and all of the lights, it always seemed like such a magical time. As I have grown older, I still love the holidays. Not for the same reasons, I look forward to a great Christmas eve and Christmas day spent with family.
    Enjoy your family this Christmas. Glad your dad was able to make it this year.

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