Patrick’s Cross-Country RUN for Arthritis

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PatrickMcGladePatrick McGlade is running Across the Country (CA to GA) to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. This run is taking place from January through April 2010.

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“I plan on running a marathon a day for approximately four months to raise awareness and $50,000 for the Arthritis Foundation. My ultimate cross-country run is over 2,500 miles long, from the Pacific Ocean along a southern route, to the Tybee Island coast in Georgia on the Atlantic Ocean.

I want to increase awareness about living a physically fit life, especially for kids today. I hope to inspire kids along my route, as I’m sure they will inspire me to keep going, especially the children who are affected by arthritis. Too many young people will never know what running is like because of their arthritis. I also hope to increase awareness about arthritis the disease – it’s not an “old person’s disease” as most think; it affects young and old alike. As I run across America, I will be reminded daily of the 300,000 kids living with arthritis.

My hope is to run a marathon a day for four months, so that kids everywhere can get up and start moving. Whatever we can do for the kids today will improve the outlook for future generations.”

– Patrick McGlade