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Is it wrinkled, gray, and crippled? Or – is it a child, a teenager, a ballet dancer, a professional athlete?

The truth is, it can be any of the above. Arthritis in its different forms can affect all ages and ethnicities.

I personally “don’t look sick” but at age 26 have multiple ongoing health problems, including Rheumatoid Arthritis that I’ve had since around the age of 10. Well-known NBA player Allan Iverson has recently been sidelined due to arthritis in his knee. We had an honoree for our Fall Walk, Deora, who was only 2 years old, and a Jingle Bell Run Honoree, Maddie, who was just 9 years of age. My grandmother has arthritis; but so does a friend of mine in her early 30’s. There is no set age when arthritis can strike, and the reality is, since there are so many different types, it can happen to just about anyone!

That being said, when it does happen to you — especially if you are a child or young adult — you may still feel like you ARE the only one. We’d like you to know that you are NOT alone!!

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