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36 hoursThis was the amount of time over the past two days during which I was absolutely pain free. No, not just “the pain is not registering” pain free. I’m speaking about a complete absence of pain. 100%. Even my physical therapist was surprised when I showed up for my appointment yesterday, exhibiting absolutely no signs of inflammation.

Since last night, however, my rheumatoid arthritis seems to be making up for its lost time! The pain and swelling is back, as is the crying/whimpering in my sleep.

During that day and a half in which there was no pain, I did not even attempt to disillusion myself with thoughts that my RA was gone (as I have often done in the past.) I found that doing so makes the eventual return of the symptoms that more difficult to deal with.

What did I do during this time? I walked up a long flight of outdoor steps. Slowly. Fully aware of the absence of pain each time my foot touched the ground again. It was a lovely experience.

I woke up, bathed, and got dressed. And then I realized that I did not have a drop of my usual early morning pain and stiffness.

In the bigger picture, 36 hours may seem like a very brief time. This past week, this was an eternity for me. Yes, I knew the pain would more than likely soon be back, but during that window I enjoyed every minute and every second, without fooling myself into thinking that it was a new normal.

I am allowing myself to entertain the possibility, though, of having more of these brief episodes in the future. I think I’ll call them “anti-flares”. I like the idea.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. louise

    heyyy ra guy,
    what did you do to get that then, could i have some pleeeease x xx
    that sounds so good, just to get up and not be swollen and inflammed would do me at the moment.
    im glad you had a bit of peace though, it all helps, to lift the spirit a little.
    take care
    stay healthy x

  2. April Wells

    I like the idea of an Anti-flare.
    And I totally understand the sentiment of not kidding yourself. It makes the let down of pain coming back even worse.

  3. Lana

    Anti-flare periods are good periods and I know what you mean about cherishing every moment and every second. I have had a few anti-flare days here and there and they are reminders on not giving up because RA can’t alway win. I hope you have more anti-flares.

  4. Alecia

    Hey there, congrats on not having any pain for that time period. It would be so wonderful to not have any pain at all. Hopefully it will happen more often for you.

  5. Wren

    I love the idea of calling pain-free periods of time anti-flares. And I know just what you mean about not “noticing” you had no morning pain until you’d already gotten up and prepared for your day. I can’t tell you the number of times over the years that I’d be in the midst of a heavy flare, and then, suddenly, there was no pain in the affected joint. Like someone had just reached over and turned the pain-switch to “off.” It never ceases to surprise me how fast flares can come — and go. It’s a mystery.

    I’m so glad to know that you had that stretch of comfort, though. I won’t say it too loudly, but perhaps you’re right, and stretches of pain-free time are in your future. I sure hope so, RA Guy. Those comfortable, easy-in-our-bodies time are vital for mental and physical rest. May they continue for you!

    Hugs for you.

  6. VICKI

    it’s amazing how one little “anti-flare” will fill us with enough HOPE to get us thru whatever comes next.
    sooooooooo glad you got to experience some precious pain-free

  7. mcmarcia

    hey out there, what is with this ,antiflare, as it hurts to type???
    I need ENBREL, …..it is awful extending the patent rights for BIOLOGIC DRUGS for 12- 14 years…to forever. People are suffering disease progression, disability and premature death due to lack of ENBREL, HUMIRA, RITUXAN, etc. no more toxic MTX or prednisone. I feel the mac truck both coming and going. These medications are no different than insuln for a diabetic. RA is crippling, what gives here??? why such corruption of health care ethics and discrimination to people who wnat access to biologics affordibly who else cares ????

  8. Elizabeth Riggs

    Yessssss! Anti-flare days! (I LOVE that name!) My blessed mother-in-law had 35 years of anti-flare. I keep thinking, if SHE could have that, I can, too! All I have to do is wait for it!
    So — I’m waiting — and although it hasn’t happened as yet, I’m sure it will, very soon. All I have to do is keep praying…
    Mcmarcia – reality says that in order to continue to research new drugs, the major drug companies need to make money to pay for that research. The funding of medication research is complex. But, I agree, it isn’t fair to those of us who need this kind of medication!

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