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  1. Wren says:

    Hi Sharyn! Welcome to the gang! You’ve come to the right place to connect with others who share your rheuma and the daily ups and downs that come with it. Be sure to check out RA Guy’s wonderful list of websites — both the ones down the right hand side of this page and us more active posters he’s got listed (blush) under Superhero Adventures. Let us know how you’re doing! :o)

  2. CarlasCorner says:

    Sharyn! Adding my welcome to Lana and Wren’s. Wren’s right that the superhero blogs are a great source of connecting with others. I’m just under two years after diagnosis and have had one hip and one shoulder replaced, with repair surgery on the other shoulder coming up in a a couple of months. Along with Lana and Wren’s sites, feel free to check in on mine at any time. There’s a great community here who are more than willing to share experiences and hope, or even to just let you vent. All the best.

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