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QuestionEric asks:
Hello everyone! I was wondering if I am a rare case or are there others out there like me? I was diagnosed in July 2008 and have had so many medications and have gone through two of the self injections and have just had my third infusion of Orencia and nothing seems to be working for me! Are there others out there like me? Why isn’t anything working? I am in so much pain and I know I am getting worse! I had to leave my job in December because it was just to much for me! Please someone just let me know that I am not imagining this pain. I feel alone!

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  1. Louise

    Eric, you are not alone, by far!!
    I have also tried many different medications and my last one also recently stopped working, april 22nd I get another one to try, and rumor has it that one only seems to last a year before it stops working, so then il be on the hunt for something else again!
    I have suffered for 5 years now but have found comfort in talking to others who also have this hideous disease.
    keep smiling, and make sure you laugh a little too, this disease may take over our bodies, but dont let it take over your smile…… visit ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior’ here on FB, there are over 1,000 people on there that talk, discuss and laugh together about our aches, pains and worries…..
    Good luck x

  2. Post
    RA Guy

    Eric, you are definitely not alone – hang in there, I have gone from my worst periods ever to my best periods ever, over the course of only a few months. For me, physical therapy (ultrasound, electrotherapy, laser therapy) in combination with different medications has provided me with a lot of relief.

  3. RA Princess

    Dear Eric
    There is no reason for you to feel alone, I’ve been through all of this since 2006 when I was first diagnosed and I still feel like nothing had changed. I admit that I felt worse before, but I started to live with it, pain becomes a must in every minute of my day.
    First I had the methotrxate combined with embrel , then I switched to humira , finally I switched this last one to remicad because I couldn’t stand having another injection every 2 weeks (although I used to LOVE being injected ) .
    Things seem to get better but it needs time, for me, my feet and hands will NEVER get better, I have this idea because I tried everything with it.
    Now I was told about a new drug, ACTEMRA, it was approved January 2010 by the FDA; you can discuss it with your rheumy.
    I know that I wasn’t helpful, but I just want you to know that you are not alone, it’s a hard illness to live with , an illness that changes our life , but we are superheroes , we have to live with it , good and bad days will pass by , all what we have to do is to make it through and try to get the best out of it.
    I wish things will turn out better for you .
    Sorry again ,
    RA Princess

  4. Post

    I agree with Louise. Not read the link but I have the notion.
    I too have tried many meds. Some work some do not some only last a short while. Remember it can take up to 3 months to work. Advances in RA are immense. Chin up & keep smiling. Soak up some sun.

  5. Post

    I agree with you both, and the fb page is highly recommended, there’s not many on here where you can speak and be spoken to.
    Keep smiling as if not it’s won, and we aren’t going to let that happen xx

  6. Maria

    When things seem at their worst, take a deep breath. You are NOT alone. Everything you feel, everything you think, one of us out here has experienced. Please know that you WILL get through it. One tough lesson I learned is to slow down and truely take one day at a time. You have to learn to live differently. As crazy at it may seem, this disease has been a type of blessing for me. I have learned what is really important in my life and to appreciate the days when the pain is tolerable. I have learned to let go of the crazy expectations that I am superhuman.

    Give the Orencia a chance. It was my 5th drug and so far the only one that worked for me. It took about 3 months for it to kick in. So please try to be patient. I know it’s hard, but you can do it, you’ll see.
    I wish you well.

  7. Terry

    Eric, I just recently switched to Orencia (after Enbrel stopped working for me after 5 1/2 years) and it has taken 6 months for it to actually start working. I had already talked to my rheumatologist last month about it and he wanted me to give it 3 more months. Out of nowhere, 3 weeks ago, I started feeling better.

  8. Carla


    I guess you can tell by the chorus of voices that you truly are not alone. I’d add my experiences, but I would only be another echo in the room. There is, unfortunately, a lot of trial and error in dealing with this disease. Two years after diagnosis, I think I’ve finally found something that will work for me (at least for a while). I’m sorry you’re going through this, and I know I speak for everyone in this forum that we’re all pulling for you and send our thoughts and prayers that you find the combination that works in the near future.
    All the best – Carla

  9. Elizabeth Riggs

    You are NOT alone, and will NOT be alone for the foreseeable future! There is no one drug that is 100% or even 75% effective for everyone. So, you’ll have to try out several or even many drugs. Once you find a drug or combo that works, it will stop working after 6, 8, 12, 24 months, and the search will begin again. I’m trying to view the whole thing as a great adventure. I’ve been winning at FLARE BINGO entirely too often, recently, so I’m with you. I hope you find a good combo soon, and your flare score goes ‘way down!

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