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Hamburger Helper HandThis morning, as I was on my way to physical therapy, I noticed that my hands were much more swollen than usual. They reminded me of something, but I couldn’t quite put my (puffy) finger on it.

My physical therapist greeted me at the door, and she too quickly noticed how swollen my hands were. On most days she asks me what area we should focus on: feet, knees, hands, elbows, or shoulders?

Today, she didn’t even ask – she just started working on my hands right away.

By this point, the inflammation was so bad that my fingers were beginning to curl into a half fist. I looked at my hand closely, and once again a vague image from the past started coming into my thoughts. As quickly as this image appeared, though, it also disappeared.

On my way home, after ninety minutes of physical therapy and a quick stop at the grocery store, I was on my way home. And then it happened: the Hamburger Helper commercial from the late 70s/early 80s popped into my head.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this commercial, it had a character called “Helping Hand”. “Helping Hand” was an animated puffy hand, with his face in the middle of the palm area. (Odd, I know.)

So from now on, every time my hands get this swollen, I’m immediately going to think of the Hamburger Helper “Helping Hand”. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. MissDazey

    Sweetie, you might as well laugh. As you know, lost most use of my right hand, 50% of left. They are nasty looking, as are my feet. I am HAPPY! May you be Happy too.

  2. Post

    I so know where you are coming from RA Guy, but I call them my boxing glove hands!, you are so lucky to have 90 mins of physical therapy as in the UK we only get 30 mins and that’s if we are lucky!!

  3. Wren

    Oh, gosh. I must’ve been overseas when that particular commercial was on TV. Oh, my. But you know, the little “Helping Hand” guy was sorta cute, with that big red nose … It’s a much better image for swollen, achy hands than my own “image,” which is of The Hand. You know, the one from the silly, scary old Michael Caine flick of the same name, which was about his un-dead, crawling, spidery, disembodied hand? Urk.

    Lana writes today on her blog, Living It, Loving It, about having a sense of humor while coping with RA and FMS. She got me started chuckling this morning, as I glared at my sore hands and worritted over my stiff, twingy hips. You’ve made me laugh out loud. Thank you, RA Guy! And I hope your Helping Hands feel a lot better soon!

  4. Wren

    Actually …. the movie I was remembering was “The Beast With Five Fingers,” with Peter Lorre, made in 1946. It was in black and white, and scared the daylights out of me when I was a kid… Gosh, I love Wikipedia. ;o)

  5. Lana

    Ah, the memories of those ridiculous commercials. That was ridiculous, wasn’t it?

    Sorry to hear your hands are swelling up. Hopefully, the therapy helped you.

    I am glad you can still maintain your sense of humor throughout all this. I blogged about that earlier – well mostly about laughing about ourselves. 🙂

  6. Megan

    Awesome!!! Thank you for posting the Hamburger Helper hands – they made me laugh out loud, very loud. Still laughing as I comment here. Thank you for sharing your sense of humour with all of us – there something ironically funny about those hands and I hope your hands feel better soon.

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