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Happy MondayMondays. For many, this is the worst day of the week. Wake up early…get dressed…and go back to work. For me, the third part of this routine actually started yesterday. Sure, I slept in late and stayed in my pajamas all day long…but I did have lots and lots of assignments from last week to correct, and plenty of work to prepare for this week’s classes (which includes not only a final exam, but a first day of class for another course).

But this Monday, today, was actually a great one. The sun is back out, and the absolute worst of this current flare seems to have passed. (I’m still in it, but moving in the right direction.) I am well rested from this past weekend. I lectured for two hours this morning, and am now at home preparing for a private class that starts in the coming hour.

I wore my Nikes to school again – I put them on this morning without one bit of hesitation. I downgraded from my crutches to my cane and a pair of (titanium!) ankle protectors. My crutches are never far away, though, and will come back out of the corner as soon as I need them.

Going back to work and returning to a normal routine can sometimes be boring. Sometimes, it can be a downright pain in the butt. Today, however, it was one of the greatest things in the world.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Wren

    JUST what I was hoping to hear, Guy! Glad you’re feeling rested and better overall, and really, those titanium ankle protectors are just da bomb. Have a terrific week!

  2. dandy_candi

    I was feeling like that the other day, it is actually a wonderful feeling isn’t it?
    Hope those crutches stay in the corner, as winter approaches here in Aus I get more and more nervous about what this cold weather will bring!
    Might have to see what these ankle protectors are all about 🙂

  3. Kathi

    I am starting a new job after being out of work for 16 months. In the 16 months I was out of work I was diagnosed with RA. I am hoping that I can wear my cushy slippers at work, that I have been wearing around the house since some RA flares hit my feet and it feels like I am walking on bones. I think for my first day back to work I will get up early and loosen up my hands by typing and playing the piano…..take my prednisone and MSM and am thinking that, that will help get me ready to drive to work and start working on the computer there.

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