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Some of you may be familiar with a television show on ABC called “Wipeout”. I actually have not seen this show myself, although over the years I have seen many variations of the theme. Basically, contestants run through an obstacle course full of dangers and surprises, to the delight of viewers.

Wipeout“In the end, after being pummeled in the qualifier, thrashed in the second round, plastered in the grueling third set of obstacles, we cheer as the four finalists head for the big kahuna, the Wipeout Zone.  The bright lights, big splashes and even tougher obstacles are jaw dropping. We truly feel for these tired contestants, hoping for our favorite to cross the finish line first, bringing home the title and cash on another week of Wipeout.”


Sometimes, living with rheumatoid arthritis seems like a never-ending episode of Wipeout.

Just this afternoon, that large swinging hammer came out of nowhere – and knocked me off the platform.

(And unlike the show, in my world the surfaces that I land on are not always padded.)

But once again, I pick myself up…and keep on moving forward.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Mary Morrison

    I so feel this! Had a good day, came home, wanted to start to paint my daughter’s room…..bad move. Half way through aches, pain, and overwhelming fatigue hit….what was I thinking????

  2. Wren

    What a great analogy! That’s exactly how RA works. Just when you think you’re on a roll, starting to get your wind back, moving out smoothly, WHAM. And yes, you just get up and start over again. Take good care, RA Guy. We’re out here rooting for you with all our hearts.

  3. DesertKev

    We love this show and all its masochistic fun. Until now I never thought that we live all our lives in the “wipeout zone”, but you are right we do. Can’t dodge the big hammer waiting for us outside, we just need to gear up the best we can for the waiting hits.

  4. Jules

    I am so sorry you got “Wiped Out”. I am with DesertKev; we love that show here too. We giggle and giggle and if that is my life-at least this will give me something to giggle about next flare. I will be picturing bouncing off the “Big Balls” LOL!

  5. Jules

    On a side note- you can Youtube the Big Balls. They never fail to make me laugh. Being not so coordinated-I can see me taking those spills. :-s

  6. Laurie

    If only RA was pretaped like a TV show….we could read the TV guide and know when to take anticipatory action!
    Feel better!

  7. Maya

    Hi there,

    I heard about your blog from the talented Jodi McKee. This post made me laugh out loud!! Thanks so much for this and I’m really enjoying your other posts as well. I was diagnosed with Spondylitis at age 16 and am now 24, learning to lead a happy, healthy adult life with chronic pian. If you have the chance, please check out my blog “Loving with Chronic Illness”: http://www.lovingwithchronicillness.blogspot.com

    I would love to hear from you!


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