Winter Defenses

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

BottleFirst of all, thanks for all of the comments and messages of support that I received in response to the post that I wrote yesterday.

Even though membership in this club isn’t always by choice (they weren’t kidding when they said “lifetime membership”, were they?!), it’s definitely nice to be able to speak with others who also continually go through the ups and downs that rheumatoid arthritis brings into our lives.

I spent about 45 minutes this afternoon in my rheumatologist’s office. My doctor is always good not only for a painful shot of anti-imflammatories in my hip (which I got), but also for a big smile and a a handful of genuine laughs (not just on his part, but mine as well). I think that’s worth a lot, and I feel fortunate to have such a kind person in charge of my medical care.

So we’re putting up a new defensive plan for the next few months of winter (his words exactly), which includes a series of anti-inflammatory injections in the coming days, as well as a return to my full (hair-falling-out) dosage of Arava. (Who says that bald spots aren’t sexy?) This, on top of my daily Plaquinol and diclofenac pills.

He also told me that’s it’s critical for me to take a daily multi-vitamin. This is the first time in more than a year that he has suggested such a thing.

I know my journey back to semi-normalhood isn’t a short or easy one, but at least I’m turning myself around…and am once again looking in the right direction.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

Oh, I was also scolded for not wearing gloves…what was I thinking? And when he asked if I’ve been doing my hand exercises, I changed the subject ever so quickly. What can I say? My rheumatologist knows me well.