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scheduleRheumatoid Arthritis Guy’s past three weeks have been some of the busiest ones that he has had in years. Think: leaving the house at 6:45am, returning to the house at 9:00pm, and then working for another few hours until midnight in order to be prepared for the following day.

While I would definitely not attempt to maintain this schedule over an extended period of time, there is a little bit of pride (I’m not sure if this is the exact word that I am looking for) that emerges when I look back over the past near-month, and realize that I was able to pull off all of these commitments without any noticeable increase in my RA symptoms.

I was originally scheduled to teach one class this current term. A week before, I received a call asking me if I would take on a second class. A few days before, I received another call asking me if I would be willing to have a third class. And then, on the same day that my three new classes started, I also started doing some GMAT tutoring in the evening with a private student. (When I committed to this last request, I had wrongly assumed that they were looking for only one hour a day…it ended up being that they were looking for three hours a day!)

Through this busy rush, when one day blended into the following, it was interesting to note that some of the techniques that I have developed to deal with rheumatoid arthritis flares were quite effective in managing my time and energy, most importantly focusing on the moment (and not worrying about all of the commitments I had in the rest of the day or the rest of the week) and practicing mindfulness meditation. While sometimes I had “just” 10 minutes between one class and another to sit down and rest my mind and body, I turned those “just” 10 minutes into a more-than-sufficient relaxation period.

And even though my commitments have reduced somewhat over the past few days, they will continue to remain a little higher than usual over the next two weeks. It’s nice to know, that even with my arthritic body, I continue to be able to do more than I ever thought possible while – most importantly – I continue to take care of my mind and body.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. lana

    I think that we RA /chronic pain sufferers think we can’t take on the same activities we would if we were healthy. I have many commitments, including work, family, working on my master’s and advocacy work. You would not believe this but two years ago, I had a lot more going than this. At some point, we reach our comfort zones and see how much we can take despite RA. When I was first diagnosed, I put my master’s degree off and went back to work part-time. The more I learned to live with this disease, the more I learned what I could and could not take on. I am content where I am at, and I know that I cannot take on anymore at least not until my kids are older. If my RA forces me to do less, I will but in the meantime, I am still capable of doing what it is I am doing so I am still hanging strong. Glad you found some middle ground and wishing you many more pain-free and symptom-free days.

  2. Cathy

    It sounds like we have both been busy! It is wonderful knowing we can do it! Congratulations. Keep taking good care of yourself.

  3. Wren

    I’m so happy for you, Guy! Isn’t it wonderful when we discover we can do far more than we expected? The feeling of accomplishment and yes, pride, is terrific. You’ve come through some tough times during the last several years, but you’ve learned some really valuable lessons — ones you’re able to use now to keep on living and working so well.

    You continue to be an inspiration to me. Wishing you the very best, friend, as always. ;D

  4. RA Guy's Mom

    I am so proud of you!–and how you are handling everything that’s coming your way, most recently these work-related projects. When you mentioned that you had “just” 10 minutes between one class and another to sit down and rest your body I was reminded about my own really hectic schedule when I was working and you & your 3 siblings (at that time–later one more came along) were all small and at home–and I was home with you all by myself because your Dad was away during the week working in Austin…I’d come home during my one-hour long lunch break (luckily, the university where I worked was very close to where we lived) and besides grabbing something quick to eat, I’d do some chores (like loading up the washing machine or clothes dryer)and when done I’d have only about 10 minutes to spare before I had to go back to work…believe it or not, I’d drop in my bed and take a quick little nap!–it’s do-able…when I’d repeat the story to someone they couldn’t believe I’d take a 10 minute nap, but I did and it did me worlds of good!–at that time watches had little timers that rang and I’d set my watch to wake me up in 10 minutes and off I’d go back to the office when it did. I actually remember falling off to sleep quite soundly for that very short period of time…always confident that the watch timer would wake me up!

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