A Love Supreme

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A Love Supreme is a ten minute black and white documentary film produced by Nilesh Patel in 2001. This film was a tribute to Patel’s mother, who lives with rheumatoid arthritis. The goal was to create a record of her skilled hands preparing samosas, in case they became affected by RA in the future.

“Seen on a big screen, the results are astonishing. The peas are the size of mountain boulders. Each slice of potato peel is like a ski slope. Corn juice dripping from a cob has the Adamic beauty of a fresh spring. Spices lie like desert sands. The pastry is kneaded and rolled and peeled by Indumati, whose fingers now appear huge. Her hands become historical texts that tell hard, complicated stories about female labor, migration, domestic economy. We peer at the thick veins and coarse skin, but also at signs of personality and prettiness – bangled wrists, hennaed curlicues. Samosa-making has been transformed into an epic activity.” –Gastronomica Winter 2004

This film is available for viewing at the BBC Film Network. (Real Player or Windows Media Player required.)

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