What Am I Doing?

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

I am looking at mountains. I am looking at the sky. I am enjoying the breeze.
I am taking short breaks every fifteen minutes, and longer breaks every hour. I am drastically reducing my sugar intake. I am doing yoga three times a week. I am no longer taking Prednisone. I am walking 20-30+ kilometers a week. I am walking up hills. I am walking down hills. I am cutting back on carbohydrates. I am spending less time at my computer. I am checking in on Facebook less frequently. I am going out every day for fresh air. I am taking Vitamin D supplements. I am eating a primarily antiinflammatory diet. I am tapering down my Methotrexate. I am meditating. I am practicing aromatherapy. I am stressing out less. I am communicating better. I am managing my time and commitments well. I am spending more time with family and friends. I am not touching my phone when I sit down to eat. I am reading books every day. I am playing with my dogs. I am spoiling my hands and my feet. I am eating a lot of ginger. I am drinking a lot of tea. I am drinking less coffee. I am smiling more. I am sleeping regularly. I am going to physical therapy twice a week. I am grateful for any and all advice others may offer. I am sending positive thoughts to people who send me hateful messages. I am wearing a wide brimmed hat to protect my skin from the sun. I am using SPF 100 sunblock. I am no longer declaring “flare days.” I am pushing myself to do 1% more today then I did yesterday. I am listening to my body when it tells me it needs a break. I am thinking happy and positive thoughts. I am looking fear right in the eyes. I am strengthening my hands. I am taking deep breaths. I am sitting in parks. I am taking photos. I am drawing. I am cooking. I am no longer playing the “what if” game. I am enjoying being able to do what I previously referred to as “chores.” I am taking long, hot baths. I am watching less television. I am reading less news. I am eating more papaya. I am no longer trying to resolve problems the second they appear. I am becoming more patient. I am becoming more thankful and compassionate. I am listening to relaxing music. I am not worrying about bills that I cannot pay. I am eating a small piece of chocolate once a day. I am lighting candles. I am lighting incense. I am looking at mountains. I am looking at the sky. I am enjoying the breeze.

I am living.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!