What am I doing

What Am I Doing?

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I am looking at mountains. I am looking at the sky. I am enjoying the breeze.
I am taking short breaks every fifteen minutes, and longer breaks every hour. I am drastically reducing my sugar intake. I am doing yoga three times a week. I am no longer taking Prednisone. I am walking 20-30+ kilometers a week. I am walking up hills. I am walking down hills. I am cutting back on carbohydrates. I am spending less time at my computer. I am checking in on Facebook less frequently. I am going out every day for fresh air. I am taking Vitamin D supplements. I am eating a primarily antiinflammatory diet. I am tapering down my Methotrexate. I am meditating. I am practicing aromatherapy. I am stressing out less. I am communicating better. I am managing my time and commitments well. I am spending more time with family and friends. I am not touching my phone when I sit down to eat. I am reading books every day. I am playing with my dogs. I am spoiling my hands and my feet. I am eating a lot of ginger. I am drinking a lot of tea. I am drinking less coffee. I am smiling more. I am sleeping regularly. I am going to physical therapy twice a week. I am grateful for any and all advice others may offer. I am sending positive thoughts to people who send me hateful messages. I am wearing a wide brimmed hat to protect my skin from the sun. I am using SPF 100 sunblock. I am no longer declaring “flare days.” I am pushing myself to do 1% more today then I did yesterday. I am listening to my body when it tells me it needs a break. I am thinking happy and positive thoughts. I am looking fear right in the eyes. I am strengthening my hands. I am taking deep breaths. I am sitting in parks. I am taking photos. I am drawing. I am cooking. I am no longer playing the “what if” game. I am enjoying being able to do what I previously referred to as “chores.” I am taking long, hot baths. I am watching less television. I am reading less news. I am eating more papaya. I am no longer trying to resolve problems the second they appear. I am becoming more patient. I am becoming more thankful and compassionate. I am listening to relaxing music. I am not worrying about bills that I cannot pay. I am eating a small piece of chocolate once a day. I am lighting candles. I am lighting incense. I am looking at mountains. I am looking at the sky. I am enjoying the breeze.

I am living.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Sally

    Wow! What a terrific list! Sounds like the formula for a happy life. And sounds like it made a huge difference. Well done, you!

  2. Susan Chaplin

    Well now RA Guy, that is Rx for better health for us all. If we all did this we could perhaps go med-free. I’m so impressed and hopeful for me and for us all!!! Thanks Mr. RA Guy. You’re skating free, and as someone, Change is like trying to climb out of a barrel with all the people who are afraid of change hanging on to your feet. We should all be giving you a boost ‘stead of trying to hold you back!!!

  3. leslie

    I am happy for you and will take this to heart to try to be more present in my own present!

  4. Cathy

    Of all the blog-posts I have read over the years, this is my very favorite! I LOVE everything on this list and plan to steal a few for myself.

  5. Kori

    When I first learned that I have RA (earlier this year), after countless google searches I remember stumbling on your page. You often remind me to keep pushing. I am a 28 year old mother of two young children. I’m married and I also work full time. On top of my daily struggles (trying to pay bills on time, taking care of my children, etc.) RA has really been kicking my butt. However, your posts has really helped me to stay grounded, whether it’s about the meds we take or just staying positive…it helps. I just want to say thank you!!! (I’m trying not to cry at work now, while typing this LOL).

  6. tina thomas

    You are breathing in life around you and exhaling it back into the universe. So glad that you feeling better and enjoying life.

  7. Jenn

    Thank you. To be able to sit here and read what you wrote hurts my heart a little, not for you, but for me. I want to be in that state of mind. You do all that and still find the time to inspire all of us. You really are a super hero.

  8. Jane

    Very inspiring post!!! I am having a very hard time with my RA lately! I am I pain everywhere and my blood work is very high……I have tried several meds with either a reaction or not working. I can not afford the copayment for the next in line of Biologic and do not qualify for assistance. I take .5 mg of Methotrxate injection and pain pills at the moment. The RA is affecting my lungs and I have Plursey and its very painful!! I am at my wits end with this Dam disease…..Reading your post as given me a new light at the end of my tunnel! I have written down everything you have mentioned and will slowly start adding them into my daily life! My Rhummie seems to have given up on me at the moment wanting to send me to a pain clinic…..I do not want to end up addicted to drugs and masking what is going on with my uncontrolled RA as my PA put it…Thank You….

  9. Carolyn

    Last 2 days for me have been horrible. I am printing out your post and going to read it again and again today to get me out of this current depression. Thank you so much for the inspiration! You are definitely the sunshine in my day today!

  10. Tammy

    I’m so happy for you; Your posts I find so inspiring and give me such hope that I can deal with my challenges with this disease. Thank you so much for being so honest and willing to share your journey. I know that I’m not the only one to find you so! I wish you nothing but good luck!

  11. Robin

    Hey come up to Seattle and I’ll race you! I realized a year or so ago that to feel better would take serious work on my part. Gluten and sugar free (just started) which we started by going all fresh and organic (no box food or prepared food). Yes, it is work. I walk at least 2 miles, every day.Every day. If for some reason I can’t do 2 miles I do 1. Every day. Physical therapy has helped immensely. Mindfulness is the key. Peel yourself like an onion, one CAN control some of the emotions that being so ill brings. I’m so happy for you. Go RA Guy! Go

  12. Tim

    How have you managed to get off the Prednisone and work your way off of Methotrexate? Are you taking any form of a Biologic?

  13. Tabatha Loving-Yager

    Thank you!!! You truly are an inspiration. Like others who posted, I am also having issues with my RA not responding to treatment. I can’t take MTX or Sulfasalazine, and Plaquenil didn’t work. Prednisone is not an option due to the previous weight gain (I will NOT do that again as I still haven’t lost that weight.) and my Humira doesn’t seem to be working. On Friday I just found out my ALT and AST results are high AGAIN.

    But, I digress. Your changes you have made in the last year, and the changes you are currently making, on your list are a great guideline for us all. I plan on taking some of these that I don’t already do, and incorporating them into my life, as I have to do something!!!! Again, thank you so much for the insight and I hope it helps me as it is helping you. 🙂

  14. Ruth

    Your post was just what I needed to read. Thank you so much, you are an inspiration. Enjoy the now, focus on the now and not worry about things you can not change but work on the things you can change.
    Thanks again.

  15. kari

    Thanks for this blog! Sometimes i am so overwhelmed at all I CANT do and forget the small things i can do…. 😉

  16. Christine

    Wow, sounds like paradise. Well done you. You have come a long way. Just hope I can do half of what you are doing now.

  17. Mary Kay

    Very beautiful post. I am going to print it out and try to follow your lead. Glad you are enjoying life

  18. Susan Laswell

    Have you tried lymph massage? It helps with the prednisone edema, and calms the nervous system somehow. It’s made a world of difference in my RA journey.

    Your list is inspiring. Your blog is a wonderful support for all of us.

    Thank you for all you do.

  19. Detje Bea

    thanks for this. I am slowly learning different smoothies and healthier ways with this RA. I am not off my meds yet but hopefully soon. Congrats on everything you are doing to enrich your life while having RA. Hugs

  20. Steve

    I have just joined the RA tribe. Stumbled on this blog. So glad I did — inspirational, powerful, and personal writing. Thank you.

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