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mbtAs many of you all may already know, Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy has been having quite a bit of (severe) foot problems throughout the past half year.

I was visiting my sister-in-law and her family this past February. During one of our chats, the topic turned to these wonderful new MBT shoes that she has just purchased. She gave me a long list of all the benefits that these shoes provided. Me, being the guy that I am, was in the end really concerned about only one thing – how much did they cost?

When I heard that the price was in the mid $200’s, I was shocked. Once again, being the good guy that I am, I started calculating in my mind just how many pairs of shoes I could buy for that price. (In my entire lifetime I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes, with the average price hovering just around $50.)

The next day I was in bed surfing on the web (and giving my feet a rest) when a thought crossed my mind: I should look to see if there are any special shoes that might help provide some relief to the constant pain in my feet and ankles. Totally oblivious to the conversation I had just a day earlier (silly, I know – the answer was right there brinking in bright lights right in front of me), I started to google to find the answer.

The search results: MBT Shoes.

Of course, I need to get myself some MBT Shoes! If they really help to relieve just a fraction of my foot pain, they will be more than worth the price of admission into the +$100 shoe club.

I went to the local shoe store the next day (Footwear etc., a wonderful shoe store with eight locations in the SF area). After choosing the models I liked and trying on various pairs, I settled on the MBT Chapa Belugas in green (pictured above). For me, they provided just the right balance between comfort and outdoor sportiness.

Up until that point I had not dared to look at the price tags, so I was pleasantly surprised when the salesperson told me that this model/color had just been “discontinued” by the company, meaning that the price had been reduced from $250 to $160. Score!

In the past four months (other than the few formal events I have had to attend) I have not worn any other shoes other than my MBTs. Sure, they took a little getting used to with the rocking sole and all (and be careful the first time you walk up/down stairs with them – I narrowly avoided several wipeouts) but once I got used to them, they were absolutely wonderful. The pressure on the areas that bothered me most – the toebox and the ankle/heel area, seemed to go away almost overnight.

The one big benefit that was not listed in the brochure: standing at 5′-11 1/2″, I have always yearned to be 6′ tall. (Granted, this is what my drivers license and everything else shows – it’s just easier to write it that way, no messy fractions and all. Good excuse, no?) Standing in my MBTs, I easily pass the 6′ barrier. So height-conscious men, there is no need to go messing with elevator shoes – just get yourself some MBTs!

I look forward to adding to my MBT collection. The best part is they have everything from sports shoes to sandals to dress shoes. By the way – I returned to the store a day later and treated myself to a pair of Qwaruba sheepskin lined slippers. I think I just might be starting to get a hang of  this elusive “shoe” thing.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!


Superheroines, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out Barking Dog Shoes – a blog full of information about shoes that not only look good, but that are comfortable as well! This blog is written by Kirsten, a fellow superhero living with RA.

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  1. Cathy

    Finding a pair of shoes that feel good on the feet is priceless. Last year I found two pairs of shoes I love and this spring I have a new pair of sandals that feel so good. I wear them everywhere!
    Good for you for going out of your comfort level on the price of shoes and finding something that makes you feel good.

  2. Erika

    I love a good pair of comfortable shoes. Crocs are my thing, some people thing they are ugly but they are oh so comfortable!

  3. Jo-Ann

    I have had a lot of foot problems myself. I am actually wearing mens new balance running shoes right now. The toe box is way more comfy for me than the womens models. Finding footwear that is comfortable is priceless.

  4. Jo-Ann

    I don’t normally make 2 comments on a post, so I guess you are the first. I had never heard of MBT shoes before your post so I decided to look into them. Did you know there is an instructional video on how to walk in these shoes? Here is a link Really interesting. I am going to try and find some around here.

  5. Miss Waxie

    HAHA Oooooh man.

    My mom love, love, LOVES her MBTs. She never stops talking about them, never leaves home without them, and relentlessly pushes them on anyone who mistakenly utters the phrase “my feet hurt”. And she doesn’t even have RA!!

    Well, glad to hear there’s another – sane – voice out there lovin’ on MBTs. Not sure if I’m ready to give up my girlish pride (or my pointy toed gold flats) and get a pair yet though…

    – Miss Waxie

  6. Post
    RA Guy

    Yes, I have learned that foot comfort is priceless.

    Jo-Ann, thanks for sharing the video (I hadn’t seen it myself.) They definitely take some getting used to, but after you do so you never want to go back to regular shoes.

    Miss Waxie, so funny!

  7. S.

    I’m a crocs girl. Screw all the people who say they’re a fashion no-no. I don’t care. They make my feet feel better. 😉

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