Sunday Break

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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!


Midway through The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel by Paulo Coelho. Entertaining read so far, I hope it continues through the second half. Great commentary on status, the Superclass, and appearances – as seen through the Cannes Film Festival.


I just saw Angels & Demons, which motivated me to pull out some of my Rome photos. Beautiful shots of art and architecture were interspersed in between the action scenes – overall a good movie with a slightly over-the-top finale (I had previously read the book…)



Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy’s Yoga Workout Playlist

1. Samtosha (The Eternal Embrace – Baird Hersey & Prana)
2. First Steps (Journeys – Himalayan Voices)
3. Namaste Sadhana Remix (Sadhana – Maneesh De Moor)
4. Namaste (Check Your Head – Beastie Boys)
5. Om Asatoma (The Essence – Deva Premal)
6. As I Lay Me Down (Whaler – Sophie  B. Hawkins)
7. The Wheat (The Best Of Lisa Gerrard – Lisa Gerrard)
8. Bow Down Mister A Small Portion 2 B Polite Mix (At Worst…The Best Of Boy George And Culture Club – Culture Club)
9. Karma (Buddha Bar IV – Outsized)
10. But I Feel Good (Lovebox – Groove Armada)
11. Rain One (Varekai – Cirque Du Soleil)
12. Little Fluffy Clouds (The Orb’s Adventure Beyond The Ultraworld – The Orb)
13. Balance (Journeys – Himalayan Voices)
14. Serenity (Liquid Mind V: Serenity – Liquid Mind)
15. Chakra Chimes (Chakra Suite – Steven Halpern)
16. Om Namo Narayana (Love Is Space – Deva Premal)

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.


Today’s plans: Lots of rest and reading.


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Millicent

    Enjoy the day! We saw “Angels & Demons” yesterday as well–I agree with your assessment (had also read the book & knew who the bad guy was), & I also enjoyed the music–powerful music, I thought.

  2. Lisa Emrich

    Hi RA Guy, I’ve just come across your blog and can tell that I’ll enjoy coming back to read more. I have MS and RA, and have just recently begun writing about the RA more. When it comes to RA, I’m still in the learning stage. Just wanted to say “hi.”

  3. Post
    RA Guy

    Millicent, as a movie I enjoyed it much more than the Da Vinci Code (although I oh so much loves any images of Paris…)

    Lisa, thank you for your kind comments. What a wonderful resource your blog it, I would recommend that people check it out. I think we’re all in the “learning” stage with RA to some extent, no matter how long we’ve lived with the illness. Hope to share more in the future.

    Sara, hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday in NYC. Do you go to Central Park often?

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