Access To Healthcare

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Access to HealthcareNothing is more important than having access to the best healthcare possible, especially if you or one of your family members has arthritis or a related disease.

If you have insurance coverage, are on Medicare, or are uninsured or underinsured, you need to know all of your options for getting care and getting coverage.

More than 46 million Americans have arthritis or a related rheumatic disease, many of whom struggle to find accessible, affordable health care.

More information is available on the Arthritis Foundation’s Access to Healthcare web page.

I have received quite a few emails asking me if I had any information on co-payment, out of pocket assistance, and drug discounts – in addition to access to rheumatoid arthritis medications for people who are currently uninsured.

I didn’t have an answer before, but I just came across this great resource on the Arthritis Foundation website that includes all the links and phone numbers needed to find out the answers.

Hope this helps!