Arthritis Foundation’s Camp Cruz For Children Living With Juvenile Arthritis

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Camp Cruz Offers Children with Arthritis an Enjoyable Outdoor Experience

Arthritis Foundation Camp Cruz“Only a decade ago, it was not uncommon to see children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis use wheelchairs and be in dire need of surgery or joint replacement.

But thanks to recent advancements in medicine, many of those afflicted with the disease are receiving the treatments they need to live healthy, productive lives.

This week at the Arthritis Foundation’s Camp Cruz, a five-day sleepover camp tucked in the ponderosa pines off Senator Highway near Prescott, evidence of these breakthroughs was palpable…”

Read the full story from The Daily Courier…

What a wonderful idea! As an avid outdoor person living with rheumatoid arthritis, I really appreciate the beauty of getting these young kids living with juvenile arthritis together in a natural environment.

(Hat tip to Arthritis Foundation for sharing this on their Facebook page.)

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  1. witchlinblue

    This makes me so happy. Back when I was young, it really wasn’t diagnosed and a lot of children suffered. For me the doctors were convinced I was allergic to a whole host of things and had to go on all sorts of diets and that was about all they could offer me until I was around 11. I sure would have loved a camp like that. It makes me so sad that my eyes well up when I see little ones afflicted with JRA, it really breaks my heart that any child has to live with pain. Thank God that medicine has advanced enough that there is some help for these poor kids and that there are places they can go where there are others just like them and they can enjoy the wonders of nature together. 🙂

  2. Kali

    Oh hey, that’s up near where my grandparents lived. Beautiful, beautiful country – it’s high desert, and the sky is so clear at night you can see the most amazing stars…

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