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Disabiltityland Cover

In the spring of 2008, New York publisher SelectBooks joined with award-winning educator and author Dr. Alan Brightman to create DisabilityLand, “a groundbreaking volume that examines the landscape of disability from new, intimate and unusual viewpoints.”

DisabilityLand features NIAD artwork on the cover and throughout the book while “Brightman provides a tour through the landscape of disability where common and not-so-common sense co-exist and where people are seen for who they are rather than how they are stereotypically—and often pathetically—portrayed.”

Brightman explains, “kids and adults with disabilities live with, bump into, and wonder about people who’ve typically had little experience with others very different from themselves.” He adds, “I’ve been privileged to be involved in these interactions for many years. I’ve laughed at some, cried at others and was frankly flabbergasted by still others. Put disabled people together with non-disabled people, and all too often the unexpected happens together with the insightful.”

“DisabilityLand does not care about being politically correct. It doesn’t rely on euphemisms or platitudes. Rather, in stunningly frank language it conveys the experiences of disability in a candid and unprecedented way.”

The National Institute of Art & Disabilities (NIAD)