Antoni Gaudi And Juvenile Arthritis

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The Arthritis of Antoni Gaudi

“Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, Catalan architect and one of the most important visual artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, suffered from a recurrent and often persistent arthritis since he was 6 years old. His diagnosis is uncertain but juvenile idiopathic arthritis is most likely. He coped successfully with his rheumatic illness during his life. It is proposed that his arthritis may have influenced him to the development of 2 of his major skills: observation power and analysis of nature.”

Gaudi 1
Chimenea De Gaudi, La Pedrera / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 2
Interior Detail Of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló In Barcelona, Spain / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 3
Gaudi Blue Mosaic / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 4
Gaudi / CC BY 2.0

Gaudi 5
Barcelona Gaudi’s La Pedrera / CC BY 2.0

I continue to be surprised with how many artists (especially architects!) lived with some form or another of rheumatoid arthritis. I continue to be inspired with every new story that I discover. Might there be a relation between chronic illness and creativity?