A Few Truths About Living With Chronic Illness

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A few truths about living with chronic illness: many people (including certain healthcare professionals) do not understand the reality of our illnesses; few people will know how much it really hurts (*all* the time!); and some people, upon discovering that a person receives disability assistance and other benefits, will try to make said person out to be a cheat or an irresponsible moocher.

A few other truths: nothing is more important than understanding your body and your illness, no matter what others say; there are many people out there who know exactly what the chronic pain feels like (and those who live well know the importance of not making this pain the center of their lives); and those of us who live with the challenges of chronic illness, and who struggle to be able to afford access to continual healthcare on top of trying to keep up with basic living expenses, are some of the kindest, most giving, and most responsible souls that exist on this planet.

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