Marisol Maldonado: Her Diamonds By Rob Thomas

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Alternative rock musician Rob Thomas is both the lead singer of the band Matchbox Twenty and a solo recording artist. His most recent album – Cradlesong – was released just last month.

Rob Thomas has been married to Puerto Rican American model Marisol Maldonado for almost ten years. Marisol lives with a rare autoimmunity disorder that is similar to Lupus. “Her Diamonds”, the lead single on this latest album, shares the story of the couple’s battle against this autoimmune disease.

The album’s first single, the kaleidoscopic “Her Diamonds,” is the most personal song Thomas has yet committed to disc. Rob’s wife Marisol is courageously battling an autoimmune disease, and “Her Diamonds” was written “about a couple dealing with that on a day-to-day basis,” explains Thomas. “There’s an incredible amount of sadness that comes with something like that. There are moments where I think I flirted with a thinner personal line than I’ve ever done before, but, really, I’m writing a song about how people deal with hard times, and that hard time is universal, that hard time can be anything.”