Forty-Two Ways In Forty-Two Days

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If you are not already following Jules’ current series “Forty-Two Ways In Forty-Two Days” at An Attitude of Gratitude, you must check it out! Each entry continues to add a positive moment to my day. Forgiveness. Peace. Friends. Harry Potter. Work. Blogs. Mothers. It’s all there, and Jules is not even halfway through!

Forty-two brings new goals and new challenges.

July 5, 2009

SO. Today is my forty-second birthday. I have to say that after reflecting on this in the days leading up to today-this is probably “mid-life” for me. The reason I am thinking this way is because there are many, many days that I feel “42”- but there are also quite a few days where I feel like I am “84”. Pretty much anyone with a chronic illness like RA will be able to relate to that on some level. But one thing I DON’T feel any longer- is younger than my age. The funny thing is- I am okay with that. I have thought about this long and hard most of the day and I am perfectly okay with where I am in my life right now.

First- my GOALS for this year:

1- It is my goal to blog “42 Ways in 42 Days”. For the next 6 weeks, beginning tomorrow, I am going to blog a specific thing that I am grateful for- not just what it is but WHY I am grateful for it. I have thought through and started my list, but there are plenty of spots open to add as I go along. If I have something else on my mind I can either do a second post here or I can put it at my less used blog on this server called “Just a place to Ramble”.

2- My next goal is to do something strictly for someone else at least once a week. Not a favor- just a service. This is something that I will have to annotate elsewhere, because I don’t want to feel like I am doing it to brag about it- but I do want to talk about the results and how I feel after.

Thank you, Jules, for this wonderful and inspiring series on your blog!