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As I get some bed rest this afternoon (don’t worry -for the most part I am okay, but some of the pressure bearing joints in my toes decided to act up, so I decided to give them a rest) I spent some time working on my blog.

For a while I’ve wanted to add a ticker on my site, in order to include news links related to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Lyme Disease, and Autoimmune Diseases.

With a little help from Google’s AJAX Search API, I was able to include everything I wanted, with a style that fits in perfectly with the rest of the page. So this ticker will be up there from now on. It’s the last item on the page to load, since it takes a few extra seconds to load. Click on an item whenever you want and it will open in a new tab.


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  1. Jamie

    Really like the ticker. Fantastic upgrade to your site. Now I don’t have to go several places to get up to date info.!!!!! Thanks RA Guy, your my hero!!!!


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