Two Novelists With Arthritis Share Their Stories

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Aches & Pains

Aches & Pains

“Here is a great gift of wisdom and humour for anyone coping with actual aches and pains. Based on the author’s own experience as a hip-replacement patient, she provides funny insider advice about coping with the ordeals of surgery, a hospital stay, and at-home convalescence.

Highlights include: 10 little jobs you can give to anyone who innocently asks, “How can I help?”; dignified ways to cope with all the indignities of baring your body to strangers; great gifts to suggest when someone asks, “What can I bring you?”; and tips on dealing with visitors…and hospital food…and medical professionals. Far more entertaining than a potted plant! Read wonderfully by Kate Binchy.”

Arthritis: Maeve Binchy And Martina Cole Share Their Experiences

“Two best-selling novelists, Maeve Binchy and Martina Cole, suffer from arthritis but have refused to be downcast or to let it impede their work. Here they describe some of the prejudices they suffered and the cunning ways they devised to keep their condition secret. Both women, in different ways, have resolutely adapted to one of our most intractable, common and poorly-understood diseases.”

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Thanks to Sunita (ClematisWaves) for sharing this article with me.