Sunday Break

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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!



Meet Alva, the second of our three dogs. Alva is a chihuahua/terrier mix that we rescued from Hopalong Animal Rescue in Northern California – she was one of a litter of five tiny puppies who had arrived at their shelter. The most nervous of the three dogs (must be the chihuahua genes), Alva is very affectionate and loves to come give you kisses after she has eaten her meal. She is currently six years old, so she has taken on a lot of the responsibilities of playing with Oliver the Pug, who you all met let week.


The home office has been repainted, the windows are open and the room is airing out. Once all of the books are back on the shelves, things should be done. I hope to have photos to share sometime in the future!


It’s been a really bad RA morning – lots of pain and stiffness in my extremities, especially in my feet. (In fact, my feet have not hurt this much in a long time…maybe I will do some warm foot baths throughout the day, as I think they are too swollen for a paraffin bath.) So I think today will be spent watching football from bed. Can’t complain about that!


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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