2009 Arthritis Walk – Bellevue, WA

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Jessica Jensen will be participating in the 2009 Arthritis Walk – Bellevue, WA this coming weekend.

“A little bit about me, I’m 28 and was diagnosed with RA in 2003 (after fighting with the doctors that it wasn’t all in my head for a few years).  My parents think I had my first flare up from ages 10 to 12.  My father was diagnosed with RA as well when he was in high school.  He was confined to a wheelchair and told he would never walk again and wouldn’t live very long.  I am happy to say that he took that as a challenge; he did walk again and is still alive.   He has been an inspiration to me and has helped me to never give up even if the doctors say something is not possible.”

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Jessica, thank you for sharing your story – you and your father are both an inspiration! It is also nice to connect with one of the many faces that participates in the numerous Arthritis Walks throughout the year. Best wishes for this coming Saturday!

Here is another related story on the upcoming walk in Bellevue:

Sammamish girl inspires others in Bellevue Arthritis Walk

She swims. She plays soccer, and she snowboards. By all accounts, Alicia Seidel is like many other 10-year-olds in the area: There’s just one difference — she has arthritis.

“I’m the only one at my school with arthritis,” said Alicia, an Endeavour Elementary School student.

“A lot of people know about arthritis, but they think it is something you get when you’re old,” said her mother Cynthia Seidel, who was also recently diagnosed with an arthritic condition.

Alicia is one of 294,000 children living with arthritis in the county. But she hasn’t let it slow her down. In fact, because of her determination and her message for research and a cure, she was named the honoree for Bellevue’s second annual Arthritis Foundation Walk Oct. 10.“She was chosen because of her commitment to advocacy at such a young age,” said Julie Gabelein, marketing and public relations director of the Northwest chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. “She is well beyond her years. She understands and is able to communicate issues to adults and children, even at her young age.”

Full Story: http://sammamishreview.com/2009/10/05/sammamish-girl-inspires-others-in-bellevue-arthritis-walk.

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