All Into The Risk Pool

This system forces sick people to bear high costs for chronic illnesses over which they have little control. Only when we include everyone in the risk pool do we have an insurance system that does not punish individuals for being sick.

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If you have not already, please do take a look at The Faces of Pre-Existing Conditions.

  1. Marianne says:

    “Only when we include everyone in the risk pool do we have an insurance system that does not punish individuals for being sick.”
    Wow, I couldnt disagree more. If I read this right, this assumes that insurance companies are regulated in some way and are honest, and that insurance has anything to do with aiding the sick. What I have learned is that insurance companies are interesting only in profiteering, and dumping as many chronically ill or catastrophically ill people as they can, so as not to cut into their profit margins. They answer only to wall street.

  2. kate says:

    Having a chronic illness is tough enough and then you add in insurance policies, pre-existing conditions, medication, and doctor visits. It all makes it very hard to concentrate on feeling better, on being able to pure a glass of milk when you have all the extra stress. We need to find a way to relief the sick. I have more medical debt because of uncovered Remicade infusions than I do from receiving my MBA. Something needs to change.

  3. pat graham says:

    How exactly can we help our healthcare change. I have written to our state senators with disappointing results. Of course politicians will say 1 thing and do another. I ran out of cobra coverage and will not be disabled for another 8 months and cannot afford the high risk insurance along with Dr. and medication copays. I need a hip replacement but must wait not only the 8 months but the 6 months pre-existing. I worked as an RN for 38 years and feel angry at this situation. If you have other suggestions I would be more than happy to work toward a better healthcare system that doesn’t allows unnesessary suffering.

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