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Spiderman CheckYesterday, Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy wrote about some of the more “negative” aspects of living with rheumatoid arthritis – and how these could be thought of in a positive manner. Living with rheumatoid arthritis has taught me a lot, and I am actually eager to see how much it will continue to teach me in the future.

There was one item that I left off yesterday’s list, though. For some people, this aspect of living with rheumatoid arthritis may never appear on their radar. For others, this aspect of living with rheumatoid arthritis often seems to be center stage. I am part of the latter group.

And to topic which I left of yesterday’s list, but which I will discuss today: financial difficulties.

Being unemployed is a big challenge in an of itself; being unemployed while my health care costs continue to sky rocket is an even greater challenge. And while it is a challenge that ultimately needs to be resolved (and will be resolved, I have no doubt), prioritizing my medical expenses – doctor’s visits, lab tests, medicines, physical therapy sessions, etc. – is becoming more and more difficult. (It sure costs a lot to be a superhero, no?)

A few weeks ago, I was struggling quite a bit with this issue. How can I continue to spend so much money on myself (that is, on my health care) when there is no income? Even though I know that I was not doing anything wrong in continuing to prioritize my medical expenses above everything else, there was still a certain level of guilt that I carried within myself for doing so.

Luckily, during the past month, I have found a sense of peace when it comes to my financial situation. Are my problems resolved? No. How long will our money last? I do now know. But I continue to do what is necessary in order to take care of my health, and I continue to do everything possible in order to follow any job lead big or small that comes my way.

What is the positive aspect of my current situation? It allows me to focus on what is important, and it allows me to appreciate every dollar that passes through my hands. It allows me to spend less time shopping – instead, I can enjoy and appreciate the things that I have already surrounded myself with. It forces me to be more creative when it comes to getting more bang for the buck, and it teaches me to waste less. In the past when money flowed freely I did not necessarily have to pay attention to these details…but learning them now can only continue to help me in the future.

Just a few months ago I learned the importance of asking for physical and emotional help, when it is necessary to do so. Currently, I am learning the importance of asking for financial help, when it is necessary to do so. I now find myself in this situation.

So today I am launching Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy’s Superhero Support Fund! If you enjoy this blog and would like to provide a small token of support, I would be very grateful. A Donate Now! link has been added to the sidebar here on my blog. All donations will be processed safely and securely through PayPal.

I have a lot of visions for this blog, and I have a lot of visions for my personal health. Right now I am doing everything that is within my control, but the financial aspect continues to remain outside of my grasp. I continue to stay optimistic.

Rather than passing the hours worrying and pulling out my hair (which is already falling out by itself!), I would much rather continue to move forward, and to do everything that I can. I would much rather continue to take care of my health care needs. I would much rather continue to help this community grow. I would much rather continue to raise awareness of rheumatoid arthritis.

There are a lot of unknowns…but as long as I am facing the right direction, I know that everything will be okay.

I appreciate your readership, and I appreciate any support you might be able to provide.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!