World Arthritis Day 2009

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Today – Monday, October 12 – is World Arthritis Day 2009! Please take a moment during this day to talk with family, friends, or co-workers about rheumatoid arthritis. Together, we can raise awareness about all types of arthritis!


About World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day has been celebrated 1996 by ARI (Arthritis Rheumatism International) first. It is being celebrated each year on October 12th.

Now, people with arthritis from around the world join together to make their voices heard on this day. You can join in and raise this voice also!

The aims of World Arthritis Day are:

  • To raise awareness of arthritis in all its forms among the medical community, people with arthritis and the general public
  • To influence public policy by making decision-makers aware of the burden of arthritis and the steps which can be taken to ease it
  • To ensure all people with arthritis and their caregivers are aware of the vast support network available to them.

The Power Of Ten

The Power of Ten

Take ten minutes over the next ten days and talk to at least ten people about rheumatoid arthritis. Real awareness comes from real people!

60 Second Guide to RA

60-Second Guide to RA

Hi! This is me, Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy. I am a superhero who lives with rheumatoid arthritis. My illness will last a lifetime, but reading this guide to RA will only take a minute – I promise. (I’ll even use a countdown timer, just like they do in the action movies!) Can one get a better understanding of rheumatoid arthritis in just 60 seconds? Let’s give it a try!


Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do you sometimes feel as if the images that we often seen in commercials and magazines, of people living with rheumatoid arthritis, are not accurate? If you are interested in hearing the stories of real people – like you and me – who are living with this disease, join us! This series presents great advice and positive, yet realistic, information from real RA superheroes.

Flare Card

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy is pleased to present Flare.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of yet another flare and thought to yourself “How can I possibly have any fun?” Now you have the answer. Play Flare! This game will bring countless hours of fun and excitement. Play in the morning! Play at night! Play with friends! Play alone!

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!