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Concise research updates that improve our understanding of the cellular and molecular processes driving RA pathogenesis.

Perhaps I’m being naive but let’s call it optimism for now. Either way I have a hunch that major break-throughs in the diagnosis and treatment of RA are just around the corner. I started this blog to capture some of the more interesting (in my opinion) developments along the way. I’ve got the inside scoop you see, I’m a formally trained (PhD) molecular biologist with an obsession for complex problems in biology. For more than 10 years I’ve been using genome-scale analytical methods to interrogate the molecular details of human disease. So read, comment, learn and do it often.

RA from a scientific viewpoint…it’s nice to know that those of us living with RA are not the only ones “fighting” against this illness!

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  1. andrew

    Here’s how I understand the 1st posted article. A certain set of cytokines (chemical messengers) are linked to lymph structures. People with these structures respond better to anti-TNF drugs. I would guess that they are looking for a genetic marker in RA patients so they can tell who will best benefit from the drugs.

    The second article, also focused on the same set of cytokines, shows a link between these chemicals and nerves. This may explain the symmetical expression of RA. They seem to be looking for early warning signs for early treatment and I’d guess that sign would be a genetic marker for these cytokines.

    It would be nice to have a clear genetic marker for RA because currently, the blood tests being used are just not that accurate.

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