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RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

classroom_1Over the past few days I received quite a few emails from different people, asking me how I was doing (as I had not posted in a few days). I really appreciate this outpouring of concern and support!

In a previous post, I had mentioned that I was going to lower the pace of my blogging due to numerous reasons…so this is part of the reason why readers might not have seen many posts from me last week as they are accustomed to…but there’s more to the story.

To be honest, I am once again in the middle of a flare. My feet/ankles and hands/wrists are taking a beating, and every now and then my RA decides to pay a visit to a knee or an elbow or a shoulder. Early last week, I once again returned to the health clinic for an anti-inflammatory injection. Two days later, when things got worse (I usually get better two days after one of these shots), I returned for another injection. I am currently two days past this last injection, and am hoping that there is indeed a bigger improvement.

I’ve been trying to break away from the habit of labeling certain pain episodes as “the worst ever” (even though they would certainly qualify) because I don’t think it helps me move through these rough times. What I do try to do, though, is try to think about how long it’s been since my RA has been this active. (November.) This little mental activity allows me to more accurately asses my current pain, and also reminds me that I have been through this before and will get through it again.

This flare, however, is not the reason why I did not post much this last week.

A few months ago, at the beginning of September, I committed to taking a foreign language class at one of the local universities. The course met three times a week, and even though it was something I was definitely interested in, I was slightly hesitant at the thought of being able to actually attend something of this nature while living with rheumatoid arthritis that seems to peak on a frequent basis.

In the end, I proved that I was able to do even more than I had expected, despite my pain and disability.

The reason why I did not write much this past week, and why I will not be writing as much in the near future, is that I am once again going back to class in a couple of days. Unlike last semester, where I attended three times a week, this semester I will be attending five times a week. (Gulp!)

There is also one other major difference that I would like to share. This time around, I won’t be sitting in the classroom, taking notes…I will be standing up (as much as my RA allows me to) in front of the classroom, teaching the class!  I will be teaching the Advanced English course at one of the local universities, with the possibility of teaching more design-related classes in the future.

So while my syllabus is complete and the course website is set up, I still have a lot of work to do – much more than I have had during the past year (discounting all the work and effort that was required to bring my rheumatoid arthritis under some semblance of control, of course). Am I (once again?) slightly hesitant with this commitment that I have made? Yes. I also have no doubt, however, that a few months down the road I will once again be able to look back and smile at what I was able to accomplish.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!